Peer-reviewed study shatters claims that wind turbines are “safe”

Link found between infrasound emitted by wind turbines and complaints of “unbearable sensations” by residents

In a groundbreaking study at Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater wind farm in the state of Victoria, Australia’s leading acoustical engineer Steven Cooper found that a unique infrasound pattern, which he had labelled “Wind Turbine Signature” in […]

“Green” Hypocrisy: RSPB Fiddles as Scotland’s Wind Farms Found Guilty of Rampant Raptor Slaughter

Centuries from now – archaeologists and palaeontologists will be sifting through what were communities of isolated-candle-lit hovels and find the remains of the 21st Century greentards and ecofascists that ended up living in the Stone Age poverty that they were ready to foist upon everybody else.


Birds and Windfarms




Nov. 10th, 2014

Birds and wind farms

In an article published in the Guardian on November 7th, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is quoted saying that since 1980, across 25 European countries, house sparrow numbers […]

Scottish golden eagle cover up

Quotes from the Press & Journal, Aberdeen Nov. 3rd 2014 Environmentalists and anti-wind-farm campaigners suspect a cover-up over the number of golden eagles killed by wind turbines.

They believe a decision to put back a golden eagle census of bird numbers by two years is an attempt to hide the facts from the public.

Scottish […]

The impact of Wind Farms on peoples health

Four important documents in a single article: 1) – USA: Brown County Health Board: wind turbines are a hazard to human health; 2) – Canada: Municipality: fines up to $10,000 per day for the same reason 3) – the Ambrose testimony of last year: “Regulatory boards are now unable to protect public health and […]

Biology professor blows the whistle on wind farms

The biggest danger: corrupt research

Infrasound and other problems recognize

In an interview published in Truthout, Dr Patricia Mora casts doubts about the way in which environmental studies are conducted. “What happens is absolute corruption. I have to admit that generally there are “agreements” behind closed doors between the […]

Wind turbines = bad for raptors

We thought you might be shocked by this map of the ZTV of wind farms in Scotland produced by the John Muir Trust. The map below shows the ZTV (zone of theoretical visibility) for wind turbines currently operating in Scotland. And there are many more consented but not built, built but not yet […]

The appalling truth: Eagle mortalities brought about by corruption within America’s Wind Farm industry.

Raptor Politics received the following information detailing the corruption of an industry which is hiding most mortality levels of both Golden and Bald-headed Eagles killed by turbines throughout America. Can this happen in Britain, the answer is yes. Read the full articles you will be shocked at what you are being told.

The Voice of […]

RSPB part time worker sacked over Flow Country protest stance

AN RSPB Scotland worker has been sacked after objecting to the charity’s plans to develop its Forsinard Flows Visitor Centre as part of a £9.6million project. Linda Bower (51), a part-time cleaner at the centre, put a sign up in her garden reading “RSPB not welcome in Forsinard” and also wrote letters to the media […]

Update on American GOLDEN EAGLE found alive 27 days after losing wing to wind turbine.

(UPDATE: Since many of you have asked about what eventually happened to this golden eagle, we asked for more information and here it is. —

“After inspecting the bird’s injuries, including the loss of a wing, it was determined that the wing discovered earlier had come from this bird. The injured eagle was taken […]