Scottish Gamekeepers Association are now blaming wind turbines for the deaths of birds of prey.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said that its members had too often been blamed for the disappearance of golden eagles, and other rare raptors in Scotland, claiming turbines had been responsible for a number of the deaths.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has now claimed wind farms are responsible for […]

New study pinpoints birds of prey as hardest hit by wind farms

A new study has revealed which bird and bat species are most at risk of collision with wind turbines, with birds of prey and migratory birds coming top of the list. This research is the first to take a global view of the problem, and pinpoints some possible solutions to allow birds, bats and wind […]

Covering up bird mortality at wind farms

PRESS RELEASE 12-13 September 2016

Hiding evidence of the massacre

News of bird and bat deaths at wind farms have reduced to a trickle. Does that mean that a solution has been found? Yes, it has, but it’s not what you think. Wind turbines are every year more […]

Turbine Strike on White-tailed Eagle

Image by Jon Brain. When planning consent was granted for Edinbane and Ben Aketil wind farms environmental impact assessments recognised that a collision risk did exist for Golden Eagles. However, no such risk existed for White-tailed Eagles, apparently based on the lack of observations, and despite predictions that the population was expanding.


Another osprey killed by a wind turbine in Scotland


June 2, 2016

Scotland: one kill they couldn’t hide

Another osprey killed by a wind turbine in Scotland

A pair of ospreys built a nest on this mothballed wind turbine at Cape Vincent, NY, USA. They are naturally attracted to tall structures, even man-made.

New paper on a case study on black vultures and windfarms: High mortality and a novel tool for EIAs and SEAs on new plans

Photo of two black vultures by Bruno Berthémy

While wind energy is environmentally friendly, and prevents climate change, it has well-known impacts in terms of collision of raptors and other wildlife with wind turbine blades, leading often to a conflict. In this paper the authors focus in an area in Greece that […]

Conservation status of birds of prey and owls in Norway : 2014 Report

Anyone interested in birds of prey, including owls, will want to read this Norwegian report published in English and written by Oddvar Heggøy & Ingar Jostein Øien. The report is up to date with enough data contained within the 129 pages to keep you reading for a few days. If you are thinking of going […]

Migrating Golden Eagles facing slaughter in Ontario, Canada

PRESS RELEASE May 22nd 2015

Migrating golden eagles could be slaughtered in their hundreds in Ontario

Wind projects in southern Ontario clutter the lake shores, which are followed by millions of birds during migrations – map credit: Whereas in Michigan, Huron County has […]

Loch Ness: Anti wind farm campaigners speak out about new turbine proposals for this scenic Scottish jewel.

Please view and share this new video created by frustrated anti wind campaigners. The Scottish government, Scottish Natural Heritage and Highland Councillors are not telling us how many turbines are in the planning process. There is no central data base. Please also sign and share the petition to let the SG know that they […]

Rutland Water Ospreys: Proposal to place 9 130m high turbines in Osprey flight line.

Today 23 March, Raptor Politics received a request for advice from one of our followers concerned at a proposal to install nine 130m high wind turbines near Rutland Water in order to prepare a response. We are advised that it is not uncommon to see Ospreys in the Rutland area as they travel through the […]