The Short eared Owl in Britain

The Short-eared Owl is one of the most persecuted of the owls in Britain, because they breed mainly on upland heather moorland, bringing them into conflict with Red Grouse moorland managers and their gamekeepers. There is a massive wide range in expected breeding numbers from 200+ – 2500+ in a season which […]

Police Scotland to train 100 extra Wildlife Officers to tackle wildlife crime

Police Scotland said a new advanced training course will see it have a network of more than 100 extra wildlife crime liaison officers across its 14 divisions. The course will take place next month. A specialist wildlife crime co-ordinator has also been appointed to a new post created in the Highland […]

Hen Harrier – Is coexistence really possible?

Yesterday one of our regular followers sent the following link to the RSPB’s Bowland blog. Is coexistence really possible? We feel everyone should read the comment from Tony which the RSPB have published in full. We would be very interested in hearing your comments. No one, including all the editorial team here at Raptor Politics, […]

Radio 4 Interview with Guy Shorrock RSPB – Should harmful Pesticides be banned?

BBC Radio 4 on the farming programme this morning broadcast an interview with Guy Shorrock from the RSPB’s Investigation Department about the societies calls for a UK ban on harmful and dangerous pesticides, many of which are currently being used to kill birds of prey in many regions of our countryside.


Raptor Politics – how licenses are being manipulated to undermine raptor conservation in Bowland.

Recent comments made by one Raptor Politics contributor suggests their has been no evidence of a conspiracy to remove licenses held by the local raptor group working within Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland this year. This is my reasoned reply to all sceptics, who despite the evidence posted on this website to the contrary, just goes […]

Northumberland apprentice gamekeeper sent to prison.

TWO men from Northumberland, one an apprentice gamekeeper, have been sent to prison by South East Northumberland magistrates after forcing animals to fight to the death and posting footage of their sadistic activities on the internet. Wayne Lumsden and Connor Patterson, both 23, were sent to prison for 26 and 20 weeks respectively by magistrates […]

New Wildlife Officer appointed for Lancashire

Raptor Politics would like to extend a cautious welcome to the new wildlife officer, Mark Thomas, appointed to oversee wildlife matters for Lancashire Constabulary in what is now a civilian post.

Why cautious? Well, firstly he shares his surname with the less than popular (except with shooting estate owners) outgoing officer, Duncan Thomas. Secondly, he […]