Live White-tailed eagles and Osprey web cams

Live Raptor web-cams from Cumbria, Norway and Latvia

Cumbria Wildlife Trust-Faulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Osprey

Single Latvian White-tailed eagle HD. (exceptional quality)

Norwegian Sea Eagle HD Close up of nest (exceptional quality)

Two White-tailed Sea Eagles seen visiting Northern England during the last 6 weeks

Two immature White-tailed eagle rarely found in the English countryside have been spotted in as many months in England. The first eagle turning up in Bedlington, Northumberland almost dead in early Sepetmeber, while the second eagle very much alive was spotted yesterday (13 October) by Ewan Miles after having been alerted by RSPB staff Tindal […]

The White-tailed Sea Eagle (video)

One of our regular followers in northern Norway has just sent the attached link to this fantastic video portraying the Sea Eagle in a number of countries. Although most of the language spoken are not in English, we believe the images speak much better than a thousand words.


The video highlights the collection of […]

Estonian White-tailed eagle real time web cam up and running

[singlepic id=163w=275 h=170 float=left]Good news: The White-tailed Eagle nest webcam has been online since 7th March. Although the pair of eagles are resident in the territory they have only been observed at their nest a couple of times due to the harsh snowy conditions in Estonian. With a bit of luck we´ll be able to […]

Estonia: Real time camera feed:White-tailed eagle forest feeding station

[singlepic id=290w=450 h=385 float=left]If you are around each day between 07.00 – 15.00, have a look at the real time video feed from the White-tailed eagle feeding station in Estonia. You could just be fortunate enough to see beautiful pictures! Be aware because of the thousands of followers to this site EACH DAY, if you […]