Can Golden Eagles in Scotland survive persecution, wind farm proliferation and habitat loss?

For thousands of years Golden Eagles have survived against all the odds throughout the Islands and Highlands of Scotland, finding safe refuge in the most rugged and beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer. Within the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as eight pairs of Golden Eagles once nested there […]

Four White-tailed eagles found poisoned inside the Czech Republic in the last two years.

A dead sea eagle, which is an endangered and protected species in the Czech Republic, was found on 13 January in the village monastery at Nepomuk in the Pilsen area close to the German border. Having examined the body local ornithologists suspect the eagle may have been poisoned. According to them, the bird […]

Argyll eagle action – Scotland’s soaring reputation could be shot at?

I used to dream of seeing the bird that has the sunlit eye You will never forget the first time you see one fly The sight of a soaring eagle over a Scottish landscape is one to admire An iconic symbol of courage and strength that has the power to inspire Ewan Miles […]

New Propoals by the Scottish Government designed to target wildlife criminals announced today

The Scottish Government today announce new proposals to tackle wildlife criminals who are continuing to persecute some of Scotland’s most iconic birds of prey including the golden eagle and the sea eagle. The new measures include restricting the use of licences to trap and shoot wild birds on land where raptors are suspected […]

News from Slovakia-White-tailed eagle found dead in Záhorie, another is saved in Latorica

THE POPULATION of rare eagles in Slovakia suffered a double blow this spring: in the Horný Les (Upper Forest) national nature reserve in the Záhorie region in western Slovakia, a white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) was found dead in early April. The female had been poisoned. Only two weeks earlier another rare eagle, this time an […]

What future do Scotland’s White-tailed eagles face asks Stephen Moss

The sight of the white-tailed eagle‘s impressive two-metre wingspan in our skies was eventually saved by a reintroduction scheme in Scotland. But, even as its recovery is being hailed as a conservation success, the mighty bird may be under threat once again. The population remains small, vulnerable and limited to just one area of the […]

Two more white-tailed sea eagles, introduced to the Killarney National Park from Norway found dead.

Once again we can report the sad and disappointing news from Ireland that two more white-tailed sea eagles, introduced to the Killarney National Park from Norway as part of the raptor reintroduction programme over the past five years, have been found dead. Twenty six of the original 100 birds which have been reintroduced have now […]

Summary: Confirmed (Raptor) poisoning incidents for Scotland January-September 2012

We have just received figures contained with a seven page report detailing incidents of animal poisoning compiled by the Scottish Government’s Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture. The data suggests there appears to have been a decline in the number of raptors which had been poisoned between January – September 2012. However conservations regard these […]

White-tailed eagle known as “Irish Brian” found dead in County Kerry

More disappointing news from Ireland where another reintroduced white-tailed eagle has been found dead. Irish Briaqn os this bird was called became a bit of a celebrity during his visit to east Scotland last year when he was rescued from the sea (see here).


Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association condemns raptor persecution as new report shows some improvement.

Latest figures show that only two birds of prey were found deliberately poisoned in the Scottish Borders in 2011. The report can not say however how many birds were poisoned which were never found. The full report can be read here.