Raptor Politics praised by new web site.

A recently launched web site, Birders against wildlife crime have given a ‘thumbs up’ to the Raptor Politics web site as an inspiration to their new beginning. Charlie Moores said ‘Thanks very much for getting in touch – I’d be delighted to add a link (and once we get the BAWC website up and running […]

New e-petition initiated “All Birds of Prey should not be protected.”

A new e-petition has now been accepted by the Government stating “All birds of prey should not be protected”. The new petition runs until August 2012, several months shorter than the one initiated by Chrissie Harper and supported by the North West Raptor Protection Group last Friday. There is more than a suspicion that this […]

SS propaganda once again being voiced about the White-tailed eagle in Scotland.

[singlepic id=164 w=270 h= 183 float=left] The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has raised concerns about whether sea eagles could differentiate between children and their natural prey.

The comment follows an incident where a senior Scottish clergyman was injured by a young eagle as he tried to scare it away after it attacked one of his geese. […]

Sir Mad Max of the Finacial Times joins the ranks of “raptor haters”.

[singlepic id=390 w=135 h=196 float= left]Raptor Politics has decided to add this story taken from Dr. Mark Avery’s blog as we feel the anti-bird of prey lobby appear to getting out of hand, using utter nonsense to promote their political agenda. How any one of Sir Max Hastings’ alleged intellect can be offended by […]

Tom de Castella, Journalist, read his views on raptor increases!

People are used to stories of conservational doom-and-gloom with fragile species threatened by creeping urbanisation, but recent reports suggest some birds of prey are booming in the UK. So why does the prospect of a soaring hawk or eagle leave some people worried asks Tom de Castella in the BBC News magazine this week? Song […]