The not so Mysterious Disappearance of England’s missing Hen Harriers

Last spring, when walkers on the Lancashire moors came upon two hen harrier nests, they alerted local conservationists. Not because these powerful birds of prey represented a danger to wildlife, but because the harriers themselves are under threat. When they got the call, staff and members of the RSPB, helped by local volunteers, set up […]

An amazing English Osprey Migration Record.

While most of the attention has been placed on the success of this years ospreys at Bassenthwaite Lake in the English Lake District, amazing news comes from a former youngster called White 14. This is a chick which hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2013 and was fitted with a satellite tracker. He had a rather […]

Disaster stalks the Forest of Bowland. Is this the beginning of the end for this regions ‘protected’ raptors?

This season has witnessed catastrophic bad new for rare breeding birds of prey on moorland in the Forest of Bowland, an area once regarded as a jewel in the crown for Hen Harriers and Peregrine falcons in Lancashire. Last September we learned about the curious disappearance of ‘Skye’ and ‘Hope’, the two Hen Harrier chicks […]

HenHarriers will become extinct in England if our government continues to put their heads in the sand.

The Red Grouse is jealously guarded, but then shot for sport, resulting in the killing of so called protected raptors like hen harrier and peregrine falcon.

The game shooting industry in England has been master and manager of it’s own destiny on moorland where red grouse are shot for […]

Breaking New – reintroduced pair of bearded vultures have laid eggs at a nest in Cazorla (Andalucia) Spain.

Another important milestone in the fantastic project to restore this species in Andalucía, Spain. This is the first nesting attempt in the wild after the species disappeared more than 30 years ago

It has just been confirmed that the pair of bearded vultures that had built a nest in Andalucia in […]

Hen harrier satellite tracking programme results published by Natural England

We are most grateful to Natural England for making public their initial findings of their Hen Harrier tracking programme between 2007 to 2014. A total of 21 Hen Harrier were sat tagged in Bowland since 2007 (including the 4 RSPB 2014 birds). Of these only 3 can be confirmed to be still […]

Hen Harrier: was a golden opportunity lost by not satellite tagging all harriers at Langholm this season?

Already we have seen a number of this year’s young harriers leaving Langholm for pastures new. Annie one of two tagged harriers is reported to have flown 85 km across the border into Northumberland and is currently residing SW of Wooler. It appears that so far there has been no available data from Sid’s satellite […]

Scottish police search sporting estate following the disappearance of tagged White-tailed eagle

Police officers carried out a search of the North Glenbuchat Estate Scottish police officers have searched the North Glenbuchat Estate after first white-tailed sea eagle to be raised in the east of Scotland in almost 200 years disappeared off the radar. […]

The Great English Hen Harrier Conspiracy.

Scientific research constantly reminds people of the fact their is sufficient suitable heather habitat in England to support between 220 -320 pairs of Hen Harriers. Yet, the bulk of England’s citizens are unaware that in 2012 only a single successful Hen Harrier nest was recorded throughout the whole of our country. Why are Hen Harriers […]

White-tailed eagle recovers after being found poisoned on the banks of the river Danube.

The poisoned White-tailed eagle found poisoned on the Danube

At noon on a Thursday in February, the musician Andrei Dinescu was walking on the banks of Danube near Cetate in Southern Romania when he came across a huge raptor. The beautiful bird was alive but helpless, visibly suffering cramps and spasms […]