Raptor persecution a falling trend according to Tim Bonner,Countryside Alliance Chief Executive

I have been involved with the protection and conservation of raptors for over 47 years, in all that time I have never had the misfortune to read an article filled with such misinformation, untruths and falsehoods as written by Tim Bonner, read the attached article published by the Countryside Alliance 3rd November. Mr Bonner says […]

Reward of £1000 offered as more birds of prey are illegally killed in the Peak District National Park

Derbyshire Police and the RSPB are appealing for information following the illegal killing of two birds of prey near to Glossop, Derbyshire. A £1000 reward has been offered by the RSPB for information leading to a conviction.

After a 5 month period the Derbyshire police and RSPB are now […]

Ross red kites slaughter shows guard must be up as ‘crime maps’ unveiled

THE shocking persecution of birds of prey in Ross-shire has been used to warn against complacency over new statistics showing a drop in offences revealed in new “crime maps”. The number of recorded bird of prey crimes in Scotland decreased from 23 in 2013 to 19 in 2014 — despite the […]

The Raptor killings continues with impunity: RSPB Bird Crime 2013 published

This week the RSPB published its latest annual report on crimes against birds in the UK in 2013, the report makes for dismal reading, it seems the killing of so called ‘protected’ raptors continues and may even be gaining momentum.


Raptor persecution……..do you still need convincing?

Recently I received my copy of Legal Eagle, the RSPB’s Investigation Team’s Newsletter. It’s not a new concept, indeed this is Issue number 73 and one might be led to consider how many persecution incidents have been reported on over the series!!!

As might be imagined the recent incident on the Black Isle, near Inverness […]

Derbyshire’s High Peak has become a ‘no fly zone’ for persecuted birds of prey

Persecution of protected birds on upland grouse moors in England is affecting bird of prey populations, the RSPB said. A new report issued by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has found wild birds are still being killed illegally, despite 60 years of legal protection.


Sixty years of protection but the killing of protected raptors continues


Hen Harrier Image courtesy Dusan Boucny

Despite 2013 being the 60th year of legal protection for wild birds, the latest RSPB Birdcrime report released today tells the continuing story of illegal persecution of the UK’s birds of prey.


RSPB 2012 Raptor Crime Report

Today RSPB Scotland released its persecution report documenting known and suspected incidents of illegal raptor killing in Scotland throughout 2012. Although the 2012 report shows raptor persecution incidents were down when compared to past years, many who deal with raptors and their on-going protection are convinced the persecutors are becoming much more proficient at concealing […]

The RSPB’s November 2013 Legal Eagle Newsletter

Once again the RSPB’s Legal Eagle newsletter reveals sobering details of crimes directed against wildlife and habitats. In this issue read about the first Scottish conviction under the habitats regulations. A prison sentence for a clam and coral smuggler. A Raptor centre owner sentenced to 40 weeks’ imprisonment. The millionair Edinburgh Woollen Mill owner fined […]

“UK Wildlife Crime Unit Faces the Chop – Sign the E-Petition below

Wildlife Crime Unit

Responsible department: Home Office


Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), which leads the fight against the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade, may be facing the axe. The National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) is a British national police unit that gathers intelligence on wildlife crime and provides analytical and investigative support […]