Golden Eagle sourced from the Highlands may be introduced into south west Scotland beginning in 2016

Golden eagles taken from nests in the Highlands and Islands may be released in southern Scotland. The first releases could begin as early as next year subject to checks and consultation. The golden eagle is a symbol of the Highlands but scientists say it should be equally at home further south, even building a […]

Farming community are the first to go public raising concerns over Lynx release in eastern counties

SHEEP farmers have raised concerns over discussions to introduce lynx to parts of the eastern counties.

Thetford Forest, which borders Norfolk and Suffolk has been earmarked as one of three potential sites to rewild with the medium-sized wild cat. The project, backed by the Lynx UK Trust, would […]

Why the Hawk & Owl Trust are wrong about Hen Harrier Brood Management

The recent support for a hen harrier brood management scheme by the Hawk & Owl Trust at a time when hen harriers in England are on the verge of extinction brings into serious question the integrity of the Trust. Who would such a proposal at this delicate time advantage? Certainly not the hen harrier because […]

First Cumbrian Red Kite chicks since 1860 fledge this week in Cumbria

We are proud to announce the first brood of 3 Red Kites have this week fledged from a nest near Coniston, Cumbria. As far as we are aware the last time a pair of Red Kites produced chicks in the county was 154 years ago in the Eden valley near Armathwaite.

Scottish police search sporting estate following the disappearance of tagged White-tailed eagle

Police officers carried out a search of the North Glenbuchat Estate Scottish police officers have searched the North Glenbuchat Estate after first white-tailed sea eagle to be raised in the east of Scotland in almost 200 years disappeared off the radar. […]

North Yorkshire’s Shame, one of England’s worst counties for bird of prey persecution.

Persecution by poison of Red Kites reintroduced onto the Harewood estate near Harrogate in North Yorkshire are reported a “national disgrace.” as it emerges 14 Red Kites had been killed with deadly poisons. North Yorkshire has been named one of England’s worst counties for persecution in England and Wales since 1991, with the RSPB reporting […]

Isle of Mull – where eagles make our dreams come true.

It was early spring on ‘eagle island’ and on our marine excursions covering the north shore of Mull we were monitoring our local white-tailed eagle territory to see if nesting attempts were taking place. After not seeing any clues in their traditional nest site high up in a conifer plantation, we noticed the female bird […]

After a reintroduction of the Red Kite into Scotland a decade ago,the population is now expanding.

From one appalling Red Kite story in Northern Ireland to a successful one in Scotland.

October 2013. Two of Scotland’s most successful wildlife viewing projects are set to celebrate their tenth anniversaries this October.


Langholm Moor – Hen Harrier update September

We are very pleased to announce that so far the 4 Langholm hen harrier chicks which were each satellite tagged by Steve Murphy in July are all still alive and doing quite well. So far Grainne, Blue and Hattie have not ventured away from moorland in the Langholm area. However Miranda has migrated into Northumberland. […]

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A. Love: Review by John Miles

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A Love Published buy Whittles Publishing: ISBN number 978-1-84995-080-0 Price £19.95: 248 pages

John is a lucky lad having been in the right place at the right time to see the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle right from the beginning. It was the voluntary work at Loch Garten […]