Panama City: migrating raptors set new record

A juvenile Swainson’s hawk flies by Panama City’s Ancon Hill on Sun, Nov. 2 during a record-setting raptor migration. Photo courtesy of Rafael Lau. PANAMA CITY, Panama, Nov. 2 — More than two million raptors soared through skies above Panama City, circling and gliding as they made their way across the Central American capital […]

RSPB Media Release:UK Government has ‘the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems facing the world’,

Media release issued on behalf of the RSPB and WWT

UK Government has ‘the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems facing the world’, say two leading wildlife charities

Today [Monday 27 October], the UK Government has the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems […]

Hen Harrier: was a golden opportunity lost by not satellite tagging all harriers at Langholm this season?

Already we have seen a number of this year’s young harriers leaving Langholm for pastures new. Annie one of two tagged harriers is reported to have flown 85 km across the border into Northumberland and is currently residing SW of Wooler. It appears that so far there has been no available data from Sid’s satellite […]

Polish Golden Eagle poisonings-rescued male released back into the wild this week.

On the 16 March we published details of a second breeding pair of Golden Eagles which had been found poisoned during the last 4 years in the Magura National Park Poland. Sadly the female eagle from the second pair could not be saved and died. The full story can be followed here.


Committee Against Bird Slaughter locates 72 illegal electronic lures in Maltese countryside

A CABS photo showing the two hunters it claims shot three birds each near Buskett on Saturday.

Hunters have installed an estimated three-figure number of illegal electronic lures for quail and protected waders in the Maltese countryside, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) said today.


Malta:Suspicions as shot bird reports soar at end of season

A Marsh Harrier with wings damaged by lead shotgun pellets seen on April 17 . Photo: Birdlife Malta

Reports sent to the European Commission on the spring hunting derogation over the past three years consistently show a spike in hunters’ SMS reports in the last three days of the […]

Project Snowstorm – Snowy Owl irruption and subsequent migration south.

Project SNOWstorm* is a collaborative research effort by Project Owlnet, the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art and many independent researchers, agency and organizational partners. We are working together to learn more about the historic snowy owl irruption of 2013-14. […]

Remains of satellite tagged Scottish Osprey chick discovered in West Africa

The osprey known as Blue YZ. Picture: Scottish Wildlife Trust

THE body of the record-breaking 50 th chick raised by the UK’s oldest and most prolific breeding osprey has been found in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. Fears about the fate of the young female osprey – known simply as Blue YZ […]

Greatest North American snowy-owl migration in 50 years

For the lowly Arctic lemming, life is cruel. In a flash before death, often the last things a lemming sees are the deadly talons of a majestic snowy owl. A mass sacrifice of this rodent with stubby legs probably gave rise to what scientists are calling the largest snowy-owl irruption in at least half a […]

Scottish Osprey found dead in the grounds of convent in Seville.

It always very sad to report the death of any bird of prey, but when you consider the pitfalls faced by all migrating raptors as they head south for the winter both in our own country and after crossing the channel into Europe, life expectancy for many can be very short. We have just learned […]