An Introduction to Wolves in Poland

Wildlife conservation is not known for its success stories. But in Europe, little noticed, we’re living through a most remarkable event in natural history: the return of large carnivores to our forests. These most iconic animals, the wolf, bear, lynx and wolverine were over centuries pushed to the verge of extinction through relentless persecution. […]

Male Peregrine raises chick on a top floor balcony of high rise Warsaw tenement

Two excited Polish pensioners are awaiting the imminent return of their male peregrine, back to their lofty balcony situated near the top of their thirteen story high rise tenement building in Bielany at the heart of down-town Warsaw. Last year the two pensioners became aware of the presence of a single male peregrine which was […]

Polish Golden Eagle poisonings-rescued male released back into the wild this week.

On the 16 March we published details of a second breeding pair of Golden Eagles which had been found poisoned during the last 4 years in the Magura National Park Poland. Sadly the female eagle from the second pair could not be saved and died. The full story can be followed here.


White-tailed eagles, why can’t Britain achieve the same success as in Poland?

Despite the never ending poisoning, trapping and killing of so called ‘protected’ raptors in our country we are living in a remarkable age of progress for nature conservation. Species like the White-tailed Eagle, Osprey, Red Kite and Goshawk were birds driven to extinction throughout Britain by man’s ignorance and intolerance. It is disappointing those human […]