Egyptian vulture ‘Douro’ has now crossed the Atlas Mountains and is around Marrakesh – soon he will be in Gibraltar

Douro – an Egyptian vulture captured and tagged at the Escalhão supplementary feeding sitelast June in the framework of the project LIFE Rupis , and that has spent the winter in the border between Mali and Mauritania, will cross into Europe in the next few days – he was […]

Malta: Hunting figures raise suspicions over low reporting by shooters

A turtle dove targeted by hunters in Malta.

A comparison between the daily number of birds migrating over Malta last autumn and the numbers hunted during the same days raises questions on potential under-reporting by hunters, according to official figures.


RSPB Media Release:UK Government has ‘the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems facing the world’,

Media release issued on behalf of the RSPB and WWT

UK Government has ‘the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems facing the world’, say two leading wildlife charities

Today [Monday 27 October], the UK Government has the perfect opportunity to solve some of the biggest conservation problems […]

The Hen Harrier, can a compromise be reached with the shooting industry, or is a ban on Driven Grouse shooting the last option?

This season just two estates, one in Scotland’s borders at Langholm moor and a second estate in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, has demonstrated the positive impact on the Hen Harrier when estate owners make a decision to protect Harriers instead of killing them. The total number of successful Harrier nests this summer in both regions […]

Presenter Chris Packham attacks Malta’s bird slaughter which has seen ‘at least’ 24 protected species killed

Malta: The Spring Migration Slaughter of birds continues as the rest of Europe turns a blind Eye

Chris Packham the presenter of the popular BBC Spring watch and Autumn watch programmes said it was “a sad reflection of our complacent and risk-adverse times” that his appeals to expose one of Europe’s biggest legalised bird […]

Birdlife Malta files judicial protest against derogation which allows spring hunting on the island.

BirdLife Malta has filed a judicial protest calling for the repeal of derogation from the European Birds Directive, arguing that it fails to take into account the unfavourable conservation status of Turtle Dove and Quail • The Maltese Government claims ‘facts prove BirdLife allegations on spring hunting are unfounded’.

Police […]

Malta: Released video shows migrating white storks shot out of the sky.

The flock of White Storks which was decimated by Maltese hunters. Picture by Mark Sultana A flock of white storks was decimated by hunters yesterday, with up to three white stork reported shot. The shooting has taken place in the closed season and only days after the Muscat administration announced that it would […]

Albanian Government bans hunting of migrating birds

Last July, novelist and bird-watcher Jonathan Franzen wrote a devastating account for National Geographic magazine about the mass slaughter of migrating birds across the Mediterranean. The situation, he wrote, was especially dire in Albania, which lies along a major migratory fly way. Due to indiscriminate hunting, the skies above Albania were literally being emptied of […]