The Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) offers €2,000 reward for information leading to hunter who killed white stork

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) is offering €2,000 for information leading to the hunter who reportedly killed a white stork. The FKNK was referring to a BirdLife Malta spokesperson report concerning the alleged killing of a White Stork in Gozo, in the area between G?arb and San Lawrenz.


Malta: Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes silent over BirdLife ‘intimidation’ by Wild Birds regulator

BirdLife accused the WBRU of intimidating their officials in an attempt to silence the organisation from exposing the impact of illegal hunting.

Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes

Animal rights parliamentary secretary Roderick Galdes has kept silent in the face of serious allegations that the state’s Wild Birds Regulation Unit is trying to prevent BirdLife Malta from […]

Tobia the Egyptian vulture made it to Malta – and survived the ordeal, after having been guarded all night long by conservationists and the police!

After Agata and Sara were released in Puglia in late August (see here and here for news on those two birds), four other captive bred Egyptian vultures have been released on the 9th of September in Calabria, as part of an experiment to test procedures and get crucial data on the feasibility and relevance of […]

Malta taken to European Union court over finch trapping – Government says it will defend country’s right to apply derogation

The European Commission is referring Malta to the EU Court of Justice for its decision to allow finch trapping. The Commission said the case concerns Malta’s decision to allow the live capture of seven species of wild finches as from 2014.


Updated: BirdLife claims intimidation by Wild Birds Regulation Unit Head

BirdLife Malta has today released an email received from Head of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, Sergei Golovkin, in which the government employee warns BirdLife Staff of acting illegally in rescuing injured birds, in an apparent attempt to silence the organisation from exposing the impact of illegal hunting.


Malta the illegal killing continues: Birdlife receives three shot protected birds in one day

From left to right. Shot Purple Heron, Collared Dove and a Marsh Harrier

BirdLife Malta said today that it recovered three injured protected birds – a Purple Heron, a Marsh Harrier and a Collared Dove. All of the three birds were reported by members of public and were later […]

Malta: Honey Buzzards shot as hunters warn against abuse

BirdLife Malta ‘confirms’ shot protected birds during the first two weeks of autumn hunting.

Injured Honey Buzzard (Photo: BirdLife Malta) At least three Honey Buzzards were shot leaving one injured and two dead, during the first two weeks of the autumn hunting season, BirdLife Malta said. The news comes as Kaccaturi San Ubertu issued […]

BirdLife Malta welcomes European Commission decision to take Malta to court over finch trapping

BirdLife Malta yesterday (15/09/2015) welcomed the European Commission’s decision to refer Malta to the European Court of Justice over its finch trapping derogation. Conservation Manager Nicholas Barbara said “BirdLife Malta applauds the Commission for not hesitating to intervene in the breach of EU laws to stop the suffering and pointless trapping of wild protected birds […]

Over 100,000 birds killed in Malta each year – BirdLife International

Tens of millions of migratory birds are being killed illegally each year across the Mediterranean, according to the first scientific review of its kind to be carried out in the region by BirdLife International.

Despite not ranking in the top 10 overall, Malta (where 108,000 birds are estimated to be killed illegally […]

[WATCH] BirdLife Malta staff ‘attacked by trappers’

BirdLife Malta says its staff was attacked in Delimara after discovering suspected illegal trapping site

The BirdLife Malta staff members were walking in the Delimara Point area at around 6.30pm this evening when they heard an illegal bird caller. As they approached the site, where they saw equipment related to trapping, they suddenly became […]