Now it’s Official, England’s Raptors don’t require added Protection says the Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries.

[singlepic id=304 w=300 h=230 float=left] It seems that the DEFRA Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries, Mr Richard Benyon MP believes England’s birds of prey are adequately protected by existing wildlife legislation and therefore the minister feels there is no requirement to make landowners responsible for the action of their gamekeepers by the introduction […]

Natural England – Public Consultation Document – Improving Compliance and Enforcement:

Natural England are inviting all members of the public in England to take part in this consultation to help them implement new civil sanction enforcement powers. Natural England maintain they require our feedback to ensure their compliance and enforcement work is delivering the best for people, business and the natural environment. (This means, we must […]

Landowners at war over wind farm threat to Britain’s golden eagles

Raptor Politics has decided to re-publish this article first published in 2004 to highlight that most polititions are not only prepared to tell lies, many are also hypocrites. Just read what the conservatives were saying then when they were the opposition party about the encouragement Government subsidies provide for renewable energy projects and how these […]

Bowland Raptor Report – A report the public are not allowed to read or know about.

I have just been handed a short dossier detailing raptor success and failures in Bowland compiled by a concerned member of the North West Raptor Protection Group. The NWRPG as we all now know was the group of raptor experts who lost their licenses which enabled members to protect raptors in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. […]

Two Maltese hunters sentenced to long prison terms, plus a heavy fine.

Two men were today jailed in Malta for hunting illegally in the closed season.Joseph Darmanin, 39, of Qrendi was jailed for two years and fined €9,000 while Rene Bezzina, 27, of Gharghur, was jailed for a year and fined €5,000 after they were found guilty of hunting in the closed season in separate hearings.


Climate Change will not kill Raptors but the Government’s cure might! (Part Two)

Because of the vital importance of the wind-farm debate and the significant detrimental effect wind-farms pose to raptors in particular throughout the world, Raptor Politics decided to publish a second part to the above article. We now enclose three important comments each relating to the damage being caused to wildlife by these dangerous installations and […]

Grouse moor owners shamed!

The recent BBC TV documentary, “Fair Game? Scotland’s Sporting Estates”, cast a very penetrating light on the approaches willing to be employed by some private shooting estates in pursuance of their commercial activities.

Abandoned, it seemed, were any real “sporting” sentiments towards wildlife set against the paramount objectives of providing diversionary “recreation” for the wealthy […]

Second installment: Suppress the Truth by Shooting the Messenger.

Several weeks ago Raptor Politics published their first part of a story titles “Suppress the Truth by Shooting the Messenger”. To read the first part of this two part article follow the attached link. This is the second part of the story which is now beginning to show the other side of this political […]

A Derbyshire Gamekeeper denies cage trap charges

[singlepic id=297 w=333 h=222 float=left]A gamekeeper illegally used a cage trap baited with a live pigeon to catch birds of prey in Derbyshire, a court has heard. Glenn Brown, 39, a professional gamekeeper is alleged to have set the trap on land owned by the National Trust in the Upper Derwent Valley between April 14 […]

James Marchington speaks out in support of Britain’s oldest Raptor Group

James Marchington well known and respected for his responsible attitude towards raptors has now given his support to the North West Raptor Protection Group, condemning the group’s treatment by Natural England and RSPB in his latest Blog. James also pours scorn on RSPB proposals to run hen harrier safaris in Bowland this year. James Marchington […]