Malta: Autumn bird migration begins, but so to does the illegal slaughter of protected birds

Some of this year’s first migrating birds have already been shot and killed by illegal hunters on Malta according to reports from Birdlife this week.

The killing took place in four locations around the island of Malta over the past three days. BirdLife said a member of the public reported seeing an early migrating Marsh […]

‘Double standards’ over wildlife crime, claims Scottish gamekeepers

Gamekeepers are being prosecuted for wildlife crime while conservationists escape punishment for more serious offences thanks to “unacceptable double standards” by the countryside quango, it was claimed. Gamekeepers have questioned why the authorities are allowing illegally-released beavers to flourish in the wild.


SHOOTING TIMES, Readers’ Letters – 9 May.

I have decided to send a copy of the Shooting Times letter (typed by my own hand), direct to Raptor Politics as requested rather than add it as a comment as I feel the content is important to the on going raptor debate in England. It does appear there are one set of rules being […]

Chrissie Harper speaks out in support of Bowland’s Eagle Owls.

[singlepic id=294 w=140 h=140 float= left]Yes I can certainly confirm that Andre Farrar informed me in an e-mail “the RSPB as I should know, have had no involvement with monitoring the breeding Eagle Owls in Bowland.” He also told me ” the birds were being monitored by Natural England, and if anyone has any material […]

Two photographers found guilty of illegally disturbing nesting White-tailed eagles on Mull.

Two wildlife photographers have each been found guilty of illegally disturbing a nesting pair of white-tailed sea eagles on the Isle of Mull.

On 24th November at Oban Sheriff Court, 32 year old Yuli Panayotov from London and Ivaylo Takev,(36) from Norwich were charged with disturbing the breeding birds of prey near Killechronan in May […]

Persecution, Prosecutions and Penalties

In the RSPB 2010 Birdcrime report there is an interesting section titles Prosecutions (page 36) that includes an analysis of the prosecutions for wildlife crimes since 2001, under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, Control of Trade in Endangered Species,(Enforcement) Regulations 1997, Customs and Management Act 1979 and the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985.


Who on GOOGLE EARTH is killing the world’s fastest birds of prey?

Shocking new research by the RSPB and the Northern England Raptor Forum has revealed the true extent of persecution of peregrine falcons – the world’s fastest bird – that attempt to nest on England’s grouse moors.

[singlepic id=188 w=535 h=455 float= centre] Copulating peregrines, a sight no longer observed on a majority of […]

If England’s raptors are to receive the protection they deserve, politics should be consigned to the dust bin now!

In 1967 Britain’s first raptor protection group the North West Raptor Protection Group was set up by a small band or dedicated raptor conservationists. The group was established to try and reverse the robberies of peregrine eggs and nestlings taking place each year at the few historic eyries which then still existed in Northern England.


Further prison sentences handed down by American courts for stealing nestling peregrines.

This latest story from the United States relating to the ongoing illegal thefts of peregrine nestling has just reached us having been sent by one of our many American readers. Peregrine theft is taken very seriously by the courts in the USA, just take a look at the penalties for stealing young falcons. What seems […]

US Falconer sentenced to 10 days in prison and fines totalling $8600 for taking Peregrines illegally.

I know the story I am sending to Raptor Politics is an old story which took place last summer, but we are starting to see more of this with the North American Falconry Association starting to really push for a wild falcon takes in all 50 states of the United States. Montana not only has […]