A century of protection, and the POISONING goes on…

Exactly a century ago, the barbaric acts of putting baits laced with deadly poisons out into the countryside to kill wildlife was outlawed [note 1]. Yet despite this, a new report, published today (Thursday 3 November) by the RSPB, shows that this practice remains a major problem for the UK’s birds of prey. […]

Named and shamed: One of the UK’s worst places for killing birds of prey

Police blame rogue gamekeepers for poisoning or shooting protected predators. Birds of prey including the peregrine falcon, red kite, goshawk and hen harrier are being poisoned or shot in the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales at a rate unknown in any other region, according to the RSPB.

Click HERE to view graphic (134k […]

If England’s raptors are to receive the protection they deserve, politics should be consigned to the dust bin now!

In 1967 Britain’s first raptor protection group the North West Raptor Protection Group was set up by a small band or dedicated raptor conservationists. The group was established to try and reverse the robberies of peregrine eggs and nestlings taking place each year at the few historic eyries which then still existed in Northern England.


Further prison sentences handed down by American courts for stealing nestling peregrines.

This latest story from the United States relating to the ongoing illegal thefts of peregrine nestling has just reached us having been sent by one of our many American readers. Peregrine theft is taken very seriously by the courts in the USA, just take a look at the penalties for stealing young falcons. What seems […]

Record number of Hen Harriers move south through Falsterbo in Sweden.

Yesterday was undoubtedly one of the finest days for migrating hen harriers at Falsterbo. In total 101 harriers were recorded as moving through Falsterbo yesterday, making a grand total of 301 passage harriers passing through since 1st August.


The Spirit of the Moors – A final struggle for survival, how things should be but are no longer.

We enclose here two short videos about the hen harrier, Circus cyaneus, and its current status in England as of 2005.how thing have now changed with only 4 successful nest recorded in the whole of England in 2011.


Defra Minister claims wildlife laws are already strong enough to do the job – what do you think?

The Raptor Politics web site was initiated nearly three years ago to highlight to the wider world the plight of “protected” birds of prey throughout the UK. In the last 18 months this has been extended to persecution of raptors in other countries. On the front page of the RP web site the following question […]

Raptor Persecution in England, Concerns raised with Defra – the lack of a Credible Deterrent and Inadequate Enforcement.

The following copies of correspondence have been received from one of our readers Dr Hugh Webster who, like many additional followers of Raptor Politics, took the time and trouble to try to contact Mr. Richard Benyon at Defra regarding the ongoing shame and lack of action to bring raptor persecution in England under control.

Dr […]

Allt Duine Windfarm – A Critical Analysis

Wind Farm Action have pointed out a brilliant web site by (click here) Scotland-landscapes,com which defines the areas affected by the Allt Duine Wind Farm on the very borders of the Cairngorm National Park. This new proposal is regarded as an assault on the A9 corridor which started with Farr Windfarm and is now pressing […]

Record number of poisoned Eagles proves high level of illegal birds of prey killing

Four golden eagles, the most recorded in a single year, were among 29 birds illegally poisoned last year, according to the latest annual report by RSPB Scotland. The report, The illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland in 2010, indicates that persecution remains at high levels and continues to pose a serious risk to […]