How far should the Forestry Commission go with their lead ban

Now that the Forestry Commission intend to ban the use of lead shot for deer stalking and wild boar hunting, the particulars of tender document (see below) details shooting in the SW of England. However the tender document provides no information on how protected species found in the forests where shooting is permitted should be […]

Thousands of children are at risk of brain damage after eating game that is killed with lead ammunition, new report claims

Children are being put at risk of brain damage after eating game killed with lead ammunition, according to a new controversial report. Experts have said that some 10,000 children are regularly eating game meat that has been shot using lead ammunition, which can have harmful side effects.

They also claim that thousands of adults […]

California condor: Shock therapy helping to bring rare vulture back from the brink

The California Condor have developed an unfortunate habit of flying into power cables Shock therapy may be closely associated with the psychiatric treatment of humans but a version of the technique is being used to help bring the California condor back from intensive care. North America’s population of its biggest raptor […]

Scotland’s birds ‘still being poisoned by lead shot’

Pink-footed geese at Loch Leven. Birds such as these remain under threat from lead shot despite legislation outlawing such bullets, environmentalists claim. Picture: Jane Barlow Many thousands of birds are being slowly poisoned to death in Scotland and across the UK as a result of hunters ignoring laws banning lead shot, environmentalists claim. The […]

Bristol peregrine falcon recovering after being shot

A young peregrine falcon which was found injured by a roadside near Bristol had been shot, it has now emerged.


Marks & Spencer sale of Red Grouse:The Health Effects of low level Exposure to Lead

Mindful of the huge controversy which began last week when Marks and Spencer decided to sell red grouse to the public, obtained the company Chairman tells us from a sustainable source i.e., the North Yorkshire Moors. We have decided in the public interest to republish an article detailing the adverse health effects on public […]

Lead bullet fragments poison endangered US Condors

Conservationists in the United States say that fragments of lead ammunition continue to take a desperate toll on the Condor, one of the country’s rarest birds. Since December 2012, seven wild California condors from a population of just 80 have died in the Grand Canyon area. Experts are saying three of the deaths have been […]


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RSPB Media Release

The battle to save England’s most threatened nesting bird of prey from illegal persecution is going increasingly high-tech as a technique used for the first time in the UK confirms that a female hen harrier which was found dead in the Yorkshire Dales, […]

Hen Harrier found shot to death on the Fettercairn estate in Aberdeenshire.

Grampian police are appealing for witnesses following the “deplorable” shooting of yet another hen harrier found dead dead last month in Aberdeenshire.


How long will Natural England allow politics to determine the security and well-being of birds of prey in The Forest of Bowland?

Proposals by RSPB to impose some form of statutory control on the activities of game shoots by introducing a licensing system is not without it’s merit, in theory such proposals are long over due. From a practical stand point I have my doubts how such a scheme would be policed; the financial cost would be […]