Argyll eagle action – Scotland’s soaring reputation could be shot at?

I used to dream of seeing the bird that has the sunlit eye You will never forget the first time you see one fly The sight of a soaring eagle over a Scottish landscape is one to admire An iconic symbol of courage and strength that has the power to inspire Ewan Miles […]

Isle of Mull – where eagles make our dreams come true.

It was early spring on ‘eagle island’ and on our marine excursions covering the north shore of Mull we were monitoring our local white-tailed eagle territory to see if nesting attempts were taking place. After not seeing any clues in their traditional nest site high up in a conifer plantation, we noticed the female bird […]

White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Mull

Mull’s ‘Celebrity’ Eagles

A Worldwide Focus

With a healthy population of around 35 pairs, the Isle of Mull boasts the highest breeding density of Golden Eagles in Europe. Largely as a result of their preferred mountain and moorland habitat on the island, Golden Eagles are less likely to be encountered by the casual birdwatcher visiting […]

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A. Love: Review by John Miles

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A Love Published buy Whittles Publishing: ISBN number 978-1-84995-080-0 Price £19.95: 248 pages

John is a lucky lad having been in the right place at the right time to see the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle right from the beginning. It was the voluntary work at Loch Garten […]

Isle of Mull – Eagle Country by Ewan Miles

It was the first week of March on the wintry island of Mull and I was out in the field to focus on a local pair of Golden Eagles to monitor their early season behaviour. The usual persistence was required to see these elusive birds and once the snow eased off, in classic Mull fashion, […]

Sea-eagle control licences likely to be almost impossible to obtain!

[singlepic id=264 w=153 h=250 float= left] And we thought we had heard it all when the Under Secretary for State in England Richard Benyon proposed controlling buzzards. The fact that control of sea eagles is even being discussed will appaul a huge number of people, not only throughout the UK but across the world, what […]

SEA eagles are wreaking havoc with wildlife on Mull, according to some islanders.

The successful breeding of 15 pairs of eagles and 11 chicks has brought tourists to the island, but it has had a negative impact on other species, Mull Community Council was told. Reading about the concerns of some of Mull’s redidents bring to mind the attitudes of the Victorian era. One would have to ask […]

Raptor Island – My personal experience of Mull by Ewan Miles

[singlepic id=435 w=450 h=600 float= left]I used to hear about Mull growing up, with its many eagles and its huge range of wildlife. Seeing documentaries on TV along with hearing things like ‘Europe’s premier wildlife location’ and ‘best place to see birds of prey in the UK’ encouraged me to go for the first time […]