Guest blog – England’s Forest of Bowland and its lack of raptors by Terry Pickford

Terry ringing peregrine chicks in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, N.W.England.

I have been involved with monitoring and protecting raptors, in particular the Peregrine beginning 1967, when the North West Raptor Group was established, then only 7 active territories remained in the North West England. In the 1980s I located the first […]

Hen Harrier update: no excuses for lack of Harriers as shown by Langholm

Having read Mark Avery’s review of Martin Harper’s (RSPB) mid-season Hen Harrier update for England, the RSPB speaking softly and left the stick at home, you may may begin to understand why there are few Hen Harriers left to protect on England’s uplands; they continue to be persecuted with impunity. As always Mark’s words are […]

UPDATE: Peregrines in the Forest of Bowland finally brought down by prejudice and misguided politics

Update 17:00 19:00, Thursday 21-04-2016:

One Forest of Bowland peregrine site confirmed occupied, but subjected to 2 hours disturbance.

We are now able to confirm the information provided by an RSPB officer on Saturday 16 April to 3 members of the North West Raptor Group , and to 2 […]

Should the burning of heather moors be stopped?

At one end of the country, conservation groups are doing all they can to stop the burning of moors.

Challenging the grouse shooting estates, for example, the RSPB argues that “there is an urgent need to restore these landscapes by bringing an end to burning.”

Moorland last year ablaze in […]

DEFRA’s Joint lack of ‘Action’ A failure to bring the root cause of Hen Harrier killing to an end first.

This important story is being republished here for a second time because a number of our followers have voiced concerns that DEFRA’s 6 point proposals will do nothing to advance the cause of the Hen Harrier. Importantly, DEFRA have not addressed the root cause behind the loss of Hen Harriers from moorland in northern […]

DEFRA’s Joint lack of ‘Action’ A failure to bring the root cause of Hen Harrier killing to an end first.

Stephen Murphy National Hen Harrier Coordinator holding satellite tagged Harrier which after fledging disappeared.

Like many of our followers we were very disappointed after reading the 6 point action plan proposed by DEFRA intended to restore the hen harrier population back to their normal levels in England. A glaring omission […]

Joint action plan to increase the English hen harrier population published by DEFRA today.

DEFRA has today decided to publish their Joint Action Plan designed to increase Hen Harrier numbers in England. Interestingly, the DEFRA plan provides no proposals or actions that in our view would bring to an end the illegal killing of hen harriers on grouse moors undertaken by gamekeepers. It is very likely therefore and despite […]

Summary of Natural England’s Hen Harrier satellite tagging data 2007 – 2014

We recently received an enquiry from one of our followers asking if we had access to any data applicable to the number and where abouts of the Hen Harriers which had been tagged under Natural England’s satellite tagging programme. In response to this request we have published known data collated between 2007 – 2014: This […]

Driven grouse shooting: status quo, licensing or a ban? by Martin Harper RSPB Conservation Director

The RSPB claim they are neutral regarding the ethics of driven grouse shooting. Martin Harper admits the Society has had dialogue with the grouse industry for decades, yet despite these talks laws protecting the nation’s birds of prey continue to be broken. Harper claims intolerance of any predator appears to be part of the […]

Do you support the Hawk and Owl Trust in their support for brood management of Hen Harriers?

RBA Reader Poll

The Hawk and Owl Trust’s continued support for brood management has been highly controversial. (© Terry Pickford)

Back in January, following a surprise announcement by the Hawk and Owl Trust (HOT) that they would support Hen Harrier brood management, we ran a poll asking readers if they supported this position.