White-tailed eagles, why can’t Britain achieve the same success as in Poland?

Despite the never ending poisoning, trapping and killing of so called ‘protected’ raptors in our country we are living in a remarkable age of progress for nature conservation. Species like the White-tailed Eagle, Osprey, Red Kite and Goshawk were birds driven to extinction throughout Britain by man’s ignorance and intolerance. It is disappointing those human […]

Isle of Mull – where eagles make our dreams come true.

It was early spring on ‘eagle island’ and on our marine excursions covering the north shore of Mull we were monitoring our local white-tailed eagle territory to see if nesting attempts were taking place. After not seeing any clues in their traditional nest site high up in a conifer plantation, we noticed the female bird […]

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A. Love: Review by John Miles

A Saga of Sea Eagles by John A Love Published buy Whittles Publishing: ISBN number 978-1-84995-080-0 Price £19.95: 248 pages

John is a lucky lad having been in the right place at the right time to see the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle right from the beginning. It was the voluntary work at Loch Garten […]

The Magnificence that is Norway

Most people with an interest in the White-tailed Sea Eagle may already be aware of the name Harald Misund and the contribution Harald provided to the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle into Scotland beginning in 1975. It was Harald Misund who collected the eaglets from their natal eyries along the western coast of Norway under […]