Listen to the Hen Harrier Podcast on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime web site

We invite our followers to listen to the four recorded Podcasts which have been published by Birders Against Wildlife Crime on their web site during the past week or so. You will hear Charlie Moores a founder members of BAWC interviewing 4 different individuals about Hen Harrier and their persecution taking place on England’s upland […]

Langholm Moor demonstration Project- Hen Harrier Update

With only 3 nesting pairs of Hen Harrier in England this year it’s wonderful news to hear about the contrast in numbers on the Langholm estate in the borders of Scotland. In total this summer it is being reported that there were 12 nesting pairs of Hen Harrier; sadly 1 pair failed but currently Langholm […]

Goshawk found dead with both legs broken on the Chatsworth estate in the Peak District.

Derbyshire Constabulary and the RSPB are appealing for information following the discovery, on the Chatsworth Estate, of a dead female goshawk with two broken legs. The goshawk was discovered on the Chatsworth estate on 2 April by a member of the public who then alerted the RSPB. The charity’s investigations team recovered the bird […]

Gamekeepers caught on Camera trapping and killing protected raptors.

Dominic Littlewood, of BBC’S ‘Rouge Traders’ promotes RSPB efforts to catch gamekeepers attempting to illegally trap and kill protected birds of prey. The film attached below can be viewed on IPlayer for the next 8 days only. The first section of the film begins at 8.35 minutes and shows a Derbyshire gamekeeper using a white […]

The Goshawk – The missing link up date

Since the article ‘Goshawk – The missing link’ was published on Raptor Politics what has changed? The new BTO atlas has come out and the claim is that Goshawks are expanding around Britain but still Kielder struggles to see adult birds returning to breed. The old Sparrowhawk work by Ian Newton was very similar with […]

Wildlife Crime – Westminster Debate 10 October 2013

Westminster Hall-Debate

Thursday 10 October 2013

Mr Joe Benton in the Chair

Subject- Wildlife Crime

Because the original Westminster debate document is a very lengthy read, and as expected talks about additional subjects other than birds of prey, we have included below only those portions of the discussions […]

Do we really want a giant wind farm in Kielder Forest?

With 3 existing nesting pairs of oprey, twenty five pairs at least of Goshawk and a historic golden eagle nesting site last used in 2001, we are disappointed to read the Kielder Forest has been earmarked for an up to 100-turbine wind farm by leading green energy company RWE npower renewables.


Looking for the Goshawk – By Conor Mark Jameson

Looking for the Goshawk: Reviewed by John Miles. Isbn 978-1-4081-6487-1 Published by Bloomsbury Hardback – £18.99


North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany – CABS team investigates case of animal cruelty and persecution of birds of prey

Illegal traps, dead birds of prey and suspicious bait found. German Police secure evidence and start criminal proceedings. In the past few days an incredible case of illegal persecution of birds of prey has been brought to light in a hunting reserve near Düsseldorf in NRW, Germany. According to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), […]

Goshawk – The missing link.

Given the great news that Pine Martens are now seen as the savours of Red Squirrels is there new hope that Goshawk will be seen in the same light, I wonder?