BASC: Nest management will aid Hen Harrier recovery in England

The British Association for Conservation & Shooting (BASC) says that including brood or nest management as part of the Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan will assist with the recovery of this iconic bird of prey in England.


Listen to the Hen Harrier Podcast on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime web site

We invite our followers to listen to the four recorded Podcasts which have been published by Birders Against Wildlife Crime on their web site during the past week or so. You will hear Charlie Moores a founder members of BAWC interviewing 4 different individuals about Hen Harrier and their persecution taking place on England’s upland […]

Marks & Spencer sale of Red Grouse:The Health Effects of low level Exposure to Lead

Mindful of the huge controversy which began last week when Marks and Spencer decided to sell red grouse to the public, obtained the company Chairman tells us from a sustainable source i.e., the North Yorkshire Moors. We have decided in the public interest to republish an article detailing the adverse health effects on public […]

The Lone Dancer-A Window of Renewed Opportunity for returning a second Golden Eagle back to Cumbria.

Resulting from renewed concern at the plight of the single male Golden Eagle at the historic Haweswater nesting territory in the Mardale Valley, Cumbria, we are bringing the story written by Ewan Miles up to date. Anyone who has been reading recent comments posted by Doug Tricker will already know that a proposal has been […]

The Cumbrian Peregrine Story by Geoff Horne, RSPB Gold Medal Winner.

“What we were doing was just something worthwhile. You know, helping these birds to recover from the low – very low – ebb that they were in, in the fifties and early sixties.”

Today, the high fells and crags of Cumbria are a stronghold for the Peregrine Falcon in […]