Goshawk predation on Grey Squirrel as high a 95% recorded.

Goshawk holding predated Grey Squirrel

It has come to our notice that a pair of nesting Goshawks being monitored in the Midlands in 2014 by the Forestry Commission and local bird watchers were predating 90% Grey Squirrel. This adds to the Derbyshire nest where 95% Grey Squirrel predation was recorded, and […]

Do we really want a giant wind farm in Kielder Forest?

With 3 existing nesting pairs of oprey, twenty five pairs at least of Goshawk and a historic golden eagle nesting site last used in 2001, we are disappointed to read the Kielder Forest has been earmarked for an up to 100-turbine wind farm by leading green energy company RWE npower renewables.


History in the making – Kielder Ospreys being rung


Tree climbing rangers clambered up a tall Sitka spruce to pay a house call on an historic brood of ospreys. Two pairs of osprey have nested this year at Kielder water.


Fantastic Success for two pairs of Kielder Ospreys

[singlepic id=227 w=400 h=265 float=left]A second pair of ospreys has produced at least one chick in 62,000 hectare (155,000 acre) Kielder Water & Forest Park – and the news is being hailed as a massive conservation breakthrough. The Northumbrian wilderness becomes the only location in England for over 170 years where more than a single […]

Kielder Forest Goshawks:Bloodlines Investigated.

Goshawk chicks in Kielder Water and Forest Park are providing DNA samples to uncover more about their bloodlines in the Northumberland wilderness.[singlepic id=289w 300 h=320 220 float=left]


Forest Sell-Off on Temporary Hold: Government Bow to Public Opposition:

Breaking news! The government have announced they will pause forest sell-offs for a few months. This is good news but disappointingly may only be a temporary rest-bite designed by the Government to let the public anger die down for a few weeks. However it still represents a brilliant sign and step in the right direction. […]

Poland’s State Forests-A “Natural Wealth” belonging to Every Citizen

The following statement was made in 2004 by the General Director of Poland’s State Forests, in celebration of 80 years’ management of resources by the “State Forests” National Forest Holdings: This statement clearly shows the difference in our Government’s policy towards our state forests compared to those policies being adopted by the Polish Government. We […]

Derbyshire Peak Newswatch 2010 Report

We invite our readers to follow the attached link, the details within this report are sickening but are nothing new. The report compiled by members of the South Peak Raptor Group graphically highlights the continued plight of raptors in the Upper Derwent Valley, in particular the peregrine and goshawk. This detail to those of us […]

Proposed Government Forestry sell-off.

[singlepic id=277 w=320 h=240 float=right]The Government have just announced updated plans regarding their proposed sell-off to the private sector of parts of England’s forests. Currently in England 18% of Forests are state owned representing a quarter of a million hectares. However the Government received a shock when 75% of individuals in England were opposed to […]

Ireland’s Hen Harriers Just Hanging On.

[singlepic id=212 w=320 h=240 float=left]Efforts to reintroduce golden eagles and red kites in Ireland have been headline news but another raptor also deserves public attention. The hen harrier is now currently only just clinging on in the countryside, with fewer than 130 breeding pairs remaining.

University College Cork’s Dr Barry O’Donoghue has tagged and tracked […]