Video Diary of Hen Harrier Day, Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland. 2017

We have at last managed to upload our Forest of Bowland Hen Harrier Day video diary in 3 separate parts. Each video attached below can be viewed individually allowing you to come back to the 2nd and 3rd video as and when you choose to do so.

Hen Harrier Day 2017, Dunsop Bridge, Forest of […]

Support the North West Raptor Protection Group’s-GoFundMe-campaign to return Peregrines to Bowland.

UPDATE: Items purchased with the help of our GoFundMe campaign

First may I thank everyone of you who have kindly donated towards our GoFundMe campaign, ‘Help save the Bowland Peregrines’.

I must apologise for not providing details of items purchased with your support and financial backing until today. The reason for that is because we […]

The North West Raptor Group trial night vision video in the Forest of Bowland.


Last year rumours persisted that at long last a pair of Eagle Owls in the Forest of Bowland successfully produced three fledged young. This was confirmed after the nesting site was featured by the One Show last year. The nesting ledge containing the three chicks was clearly visible, the camera taking the footage […]

Eagle Owl: Demon or Scapegoat? Sympathies divided for bird preparing to nest once more

One of 3 Eagle Owl chicks, left to starve in a nest on the United Utilities Estates in the Forest of Bowland, after the breeding female vanished.

A decade ago “The Eagle Owl Has Landed” made a sensational headline when it was revealed the world’s largest owl […]

What surprises await our threatened raptors on red grouse moors in 2016?

Will the 2016 breeding season be worse or better for ‘protected raptors like the hen harrier and peregrine that have the misfortune to venture onto moorland in northern England where red grouse are shot for sport? We would like to think the situation will improve this season, but we remain pessimistic based upon last year’s […]

Raptors on the verge of Catastrophe in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

The RSPB are to be congratulated for funding a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful conviction of those criminals responsible for the killing of the 3 male hen harriers which disappeared from moorland owned by United Utilities Plc in the Forest of Bowland. We trust this offer will also extend to […]

The notorious Eagle Owl, watch the video and make up your own mind.

This is an interesting video with Tim Melling from the RSPB claiming on one hand the eagle owl could pose a threat to native fauna like the hen harrier, and on the other side of the debate Tony Warburton from the World Owl Trust claiming we should welcome the eagle owl’s arrival here in […]

Forest of Bowland, Eagle Owl Disaster – 3 nests found deserted on the United Utilities Estate.

On May 5th 2013 we published details of an abandoned eagle owl nest containing 4 deserted eggs found on the United Utilities estates in the Forest of Bowland, see here for details. The abandoned nest was found by Terry Pickford and Kevin Moore – two members of the North West Raptor Group. On the 8th […]

Eagle owl nest found deserted; RSPB stalk raptor workers.

Monitoring or just watching raptors in the Forest of Bowland has never been an easy or a pleasant exercise for members of the North West Raptor Group since Natural England revoked some, but not all, of their raptor disturbance licenses.

Bowland Eagle Owl nest found abandoned on United Utilities estates […]

RSPB Campaign requesting £600,000 of public money to help save the Hen Harrier!

To say that I am furious is an understatement; I have today received an e-mail from the RSPB asking me personally for a donation of £25 to help them raise £600,000 to help save the Hen Harrier before 20th December. Where we’re they when we needed 100,000 signatures for our e-petition to get Vicarious […]