Africa vulture declines linked with elephant poaching for Ivory: new paper

A new paper published this month in the conservation journal Oryx raises the alarm about the link between the increasing use of poisons in elephant poaching and the devastating effects on Africa’s endangered vultures.

Photo E. Sayer


Vultures in crisis: poachers and poison threaten nature’s garbage disposers

Just doing their bit for the ecosystem. Image by J.J.Musgrove

Vultures are nature’s garbage disposers. They’re perfectly adapted to keep the environment clean and healthy by efficiently locating and consuming carcasses, recycling energy through the food web and preventing the spread of diseases. It’s an unpaid role. […]

The Wildlife Justice Commission: International body launches in effort to combat biggest ‘Al Capone’ poachers

The head of a new organisation set up to tackle international wildlife crime syndicates has vowed to bring down the “Al Capones” behind the £86bn global trade in commodities from rhino horn to tuna.

The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), based in The Hague, launches this week with a mandate to move beyond the prosecution […]