New paper suggests that nest guarding and supplementary feeding failed to increase productivity and survival of Egyptian Vultures in the Balkans

Egyptian Vulture


Egyptian vultures eluded us at the Douro, Spain

Egyption Vulture

Last week a team from the Vulture Conservation Foundation, Junta de Castilla y Leon, Fundación de Patrimonio Natural, SPEA, ATN and Palombar (all partners in the LIFE RUPIS project) spent several days in the field at the Natural Park Arribes del Duero (Spain, just […]

Egyptian vultures increasing in Catalonia

While the European population of this bird of prey is generally declining, that of Catalonia has been increasing for two decades – answers to this may prove essential to revert the conservation situation with this endangered species.


Significant population of Egyptian Vulture found in Morocco

Recent observations of the globally endangered Egyptian Vulture in Morocco become so rare that some authors considered the species on the verge of local extinction as a breeding species. In this context, the observation of 4 birds in May 2014 and a successful breeding later that year were received with excitement among the […]

Africa vulture crisis confirmed – six of Africa´s 11 species of vultures have seen their global status worsen in the latest update of the bird red data list

4 species are now Critically Endangered

Vultures are the big losers in the 2015 update of the IUCN red data list, announced today – out of the 40 bird species that are now classified as having a higher risk of extinction in the 2015 Red List, six are vultures.


Egyptian Vulture land on Malta, god help it if the hunters find it.

The Vulture, nicknamed Tobia, hatched in June of this year and was released into the wild in Calabria Italy earlier this month.

A rare Egyptian Vulture (Avultun Abjad), nicknamed Tobia, from a conservation reintroduction programme in Italy, spent last night on Malta being guarded by BirdLife Malta and the Police.


Young Egyptian vulture released last week in Extremadura is already in central Morocco

On the 24 September a young Egyptian Vulture named Tizón was released in the Sierra de Hornachos (Extremadura), equipped with a GPS/GSM transmitter. The bird, a young born this year, was found a month ago at a petrol station, disoriented and suffering malnutrition. After a short period of recovery in the wildlife rehabilitation center of […]

Well known vulture and raptor traders imprisoned by Belgium court

Landmark court sentence good news to curb the growing illegal trade on birds of prey. In July a Belgium court sentenced four people to heavy prison sentences and fines, after it found them guilty of illegal trade in protected and endangered birds, including vultures. The case is the result of a long and […]

New Season – New Hope for Egyption vultures in Greece and Bulgaria

In July, lifeneophron conduct regular monitoring of the Egyptian vultures in order to check some of the territories under question and identify the number of the chicks in the nests.


Shot Egyptian vulture leads conservationists to bizarre black-market for bird parts

Around 11 AM on Thursday, 27 February 2014, Angoulou Enika was lying hidden in the tall grass on the side of a large water hole in the Sahel region of Niger. He was staying as quiet as he could while aiming his custom-made rifle at an Egyptian vulture which had landed nearby to drink from […]