Hen Harrier article written by the Former Wildlife Crime Officer for Lancashire, republished.

We have attached a link at the bottom of the page to an article detailing the plight of the Hen Harrier on red grouse moors in northern England. The article written several years ago by the former Lancashire Wildlife Crime Officer, Duncan Thomas first appeared in the Shooting Times, and has now been republished in […]

RSPB on the Front Line protecting Bowland’s Hen Harriers

On the 18 May an e-mail was sent by the RSPB investigations department to a member of the North West Raptor Protection Group complaining that a Raptor Politics contributor had mentioned that two pairs of Hen Harriers were breeding somewhere in the Forest of Bowland, great news at the time, or so […]

Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls- The World Owl Trust still seeking an elite team to protect nests.

Followers are reminded that at the beginning of April Raptor Politcs highlighted that the protection of the Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls had been passed on from the RSPB and United Utilities to the World Owl Trust. At the time we welcomed this move, because when the sites were being monitored on behalf of the […]

Forest of Bowland’s Eagle Owls:Update, including images from last years desertions!

Following requests from a number of our followers, we have added updated detail from the 2013 season requested.

Officially it is accepted the first occupied eagle owl territory in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland was found in 2006, although evidence suggests eagle owls were breeding in the Forest of Bowland successfully many years before this date. […]

Essex Man arrested after a number of owls found in freezer

A man from Essex has been arrested after a number of dead owls were found in a freezer, together with twenty five additional stuffed birds.


French Eagle owls set their sights on Dover

It has come to our knowledge that the expansion of Eagle Owls in Europe is now at the shortest crossing from France to England. For the first time Eagle Owls have bred on the cliffs of Cap Blanc Nez with views of Dover and a long line of cross channel ferries. If the Eagle Owl […]

Forest of Bowland, Eagle Owl Disaster – 3 nests found deserted on the United Utilities Estate.

On May 5th 2013 we published details of an abandoned eagle owl nest containing 4 deserted eggs found on the United Utilities estates in the Forest of Bowland, see here for details. The abandoned nest was found by Terry Pickford and Kevin Moore – two members of the North West Raptor Group. On the 8th […]

Eagle Owl nest discoveries discussed in Dunsop Bridge Café

We have just received an interesting comment relating to the discovery of two eagle owl nests each containing eggs in the Forest of Bowland this year. The comment which we have republished below was allegedly over heard in the small café in the centre of DunsopBridge at lunch time on Sunday 21st April. We feel […]

Live Web Cams from around the world-Updated

If anyone is aware of any additional live raptor web cams not featured below, we would appreciate you getting in touch with us. Please send any details via the Contact Us link on the home page, or alternatively you can add the information as a comment and we can pick the link up from there, […]

Eagle owl nest found deserted; RSPB stalk raptor workers.

Monitoring or just watching raptors in the Forest of Bowland has never been an easy or a pleasant exercise for members of the North West Raptor Group since Natural England revoked some, but not all, of their raptor disturbance licenses.

Bowland Eagle Owl nest found abandoned on United Utilities estates […]