Chrissie Harper speaks out in support of Bowland’s Eagle Owls.

[singlepic id=294 w=140 h=140 float= left]Yes I can certainly confirm that Andre Farrar informed me in an e-mail “the RSPB as I should know, have had no involvement with monitoring the breeding Eagle Owls in Bowland.” He also told me ” the birds were being monitored by Natural England, and if anyone has any material […]

The Last Chapter?

In a week that has seen total despair regarding the Bowland Eagle Owls are we now witnessing the end of a short era when these birds graced the moors of Bowland? More bird watchers from around the country came to visit the area bringing with them much needed revenue into the community just to see […]

Bowland Raptor Report – A report the public are not allowed to read or know about.

I have just been handed a short dossier detailing raptor success and failures in Bowland compiled by a concerned member of the North West Raptor Protection Group. The NWRPG as we all now know was the group of raptor experts who lost their licenses which enabled members to protect raptors in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. […]

“Possible migrant Eagle Owl residing in Hunstanton Norfolk”

HUNSTANTON in Norfolk is probably better known for its gulls, fulmars and turnstones, than for owls, but it can now boast its very own eagle owl, know to local residents a Eddie. The owl has been seen on several rooftops to the north of the town centre. So far all enquiries have drawn a blank […]

Eagle Owl Cull- Dismissed by Mr Richard Benyon MP

[singlepic id=247 w=320 h=240 float=left]Ministers decision on the Eagle Owl Cull You heard it first of the Raptor Politics Web Site We have just received an e-mail from DEFRA confirming that the Minister has come to a decision on his policy regarding eagle owls in the wild in England, which is as follows:

‘After considering […]

Eagle Owl Debate Radio 4. Thursday 18th November 9pm

[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 float=left]Not too much information to add really, all we know at this time is that BBC Radio 4 will host a debate about Alien Species which will include Eagle Owl. Interestingly, according to the Radio Times it appears UK Eagle Owls are thought to have now been introduced into the UK […]

Eagle Owl- Swedish Findings Proves Crossing Large Bodies of Open Water no Problem.

[singlepic id=174 w=250 h=152 float=left]The Eagle Owl debate continues with new and exciting information coming to light all the time. There has always been a presumption on the part of some individuals (experts) in the UK that eagle owl for some inexplicable reason will not cross large bodies of water. We at Raptor Politics have […]

Eagle Owl Cull – A reply from Richard Benyon M.P. to The President of The World Owl Trust

[singlepic id=229 w=250 h=152 float=left]As many readers of this site will be aware, on 28 September I wrote to Richard Benyon M.P., the Minister for Natural Environment & Fisheries on behalf of the World Owl Trust , the man charged with the responsibility of making the final decision regarding a possible cull of […]

The “One Show” BBC , tonight 8th November 7pm – Eagle Owl

Raptor Politics have just learned that the “One Show” BBC1 tonight 7pm will feature an interview with Dr. Andrew Farrar from the RSPB speaking about Eagle Owls. Please don’t blame us if we learn nothing new, but at least we should all watch it.

English Hen Harrier- A Critical Moment, What Should Happen Next?

[singlepic id=240 w=250 h=152 float=left]The iconic bird of prey the hen harrier continues to teeter on the brink of extinction in the uplands of England the result of decades of persecution associated with the management of driven grouse moors. In 2008 Natural England published a report entitled “A Future for the Hen Harrier in England”. […]