Scotland’s Golden Eagles facing threat from new drug responsible for the deaths of thousands of Vultures

The Golden Eagle could be one of a number of raptors in the UK are at risk from a veterinary treatment which has been responsible for the deaths of 99.9% Gyps Vulture in India.


Diclofenac the drug that has killed hundreds if not thousands of vultures has been approved for use in Spain.

Vulture populations in many regions of Africa and India have been decimated by the use of Dicopenac Spain approves use of drug beneficial to mammals – that will kill any vulture that feeds on a carcass containing traces of it. Despite their unappealing looks, vultures make a vital contribution to public health in southern […]

Diclofenac the Vulture killing drug is now available on EU market

Diclofenac is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug that has wiped out vulture populations in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Now, a repeat of this ecological disaster is threatening Europe. Despite the fact that safe alternative drugs are readily available, Diclofenac has been authorised for use on domestic animals in Italy, and in Spain where 80% of […]

Vulture Numbers in India rise for the first time in 20 years, study shows.

India’s vulture population has increased for the first time in two decades, after a catastrophic decline in their numbers by more than 99%. A research paper by scientists from the Bombay Natural History Society (BHNS) shows that the number of vultures, once found across the country, increased marginally between 2011 and 2012.

The vulture […]