DEFRA & Scottish Government policy teams investigating changes to trap legislation.

You will most likely not aware that there are changes on the horizon for the use of Fenn traps in the UK because they are no longer considered humane for use on some fur-bearing species. The details in brief can be viewed on the attached Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust website.

The user of these […]

Response from DEFRA regarding the use of Goodnature A24 trap

Following the a proposal that yet another trap was to be brought to Britain to kill unwanted species regarded as vermin by the shooting industry, we have attached below the response from DEFRA about this new device and its potential use. Their response is below


The North West Raptor Group trial night vision video in the Forest of Bowland.


Last year rumours persisted that at long last a pair of Eagle Owls in the Forest of Bowland successfully produced three fledged young. This was confirmed after the nesting site was featured by the One Show last year. The nesting ledge containing the three chicks was clearly visible, the camera taking the footage […]

DEFRA approve new indiscriminate ‘vermin’ trap.

Keepers can’t keep their mouths shut!! Overheard in pub discussing the slaughter of 250 birds of prey.

Details of wildlife crime are all too often spoken about openly by the perpetrators in the remote countryside pub, you just don’t know who has been listening however! There was the conversation overheard detailing the killing of the Red Kites in South Cumbria, and the killing of Eagle Owls. Now a disturbing conversation between estate […]

Raptor Persecution: Correspondence between one of our followers & Defra

We are all concerned about the on-going persecution of protected birds of prey throughout our landscape. Recent events culminating in the disappearance of two Montague’s and two Hen Harriers which appear to have vanished in the Sandringham area and on moorland the Forest of Bowland shortly after these birds fledged from their nests highlights how […]

Defra’s response to E-Petition calling for driven grouse shooting to be banned in England

As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:

It has been estimated that £250 million per year is spent on management activities that provide significant benefits for conservation. Shooting makes an important contribution to the rural economy. When carried out in accordance with […]

Natural England aiding and abetting Gamekeepers once again: More Buzzards to be shot under licence

We are no longer surprised at the Governments commitment in helping the shooting fraternity control protected birds of prey, rather than protecting them. Once again it appears DEFRA have instructed Natural England, the Governments Wildlife Advisor, to consider granting 10 more licenses to trap and shoot ten buzzards to prevent serious damage being caused […]

2014 – Andrew ‘sells’ Natural England!!

Days away from the New Year and already things are looking bad for raptors across the UK. Andrew Sells is to be the new boss of Natural England.


E-Petition: Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers. Please sign this important document.

E-Petition Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers.

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Given the continuing levels of illegal persecution of birds of prey the Government is called upon to introduce a system of operating licences for upland grouse shoots.Following any proven offence of persecution on the […]