The only pair of Golden Eagles successful rear young for the second season in the Czech Republic

Throughout the last 3 years we have been following efforts by scientists in the Czech Republic to reintroduce the golden eagle back into the wild with eaglets donated by colleagues in Slovakia. The last time a pair of Golden Eagle successfully reared any off-spring in the republic was in 1893, 120 years ago.

Last year […]

The only breeding pair of Golden Eagles in Czech Republic set up new eyrie

Last year we published the exciting news that a pair of Golden Eagles had successfully rear a single chick in the Czech Republic, the first successful breeding inside the Republic since 1893. You can read the 2013 story plus images here. This year the breeding pair moved to a completely new territory high in the […]

Tonicka, one of just six Golden Eagles supplied by Slovakia for a Czech reintroduction project shot!

Unbelievable, incomprehensible, absurd, difficult for me to find suitable words to describe just how I feel about what has happened. For nearly three years, Tonicka a golden eagle supplied as a nestling from Slovakia, was reintroduced into the Beskydy mountains in the Czech Republic in August 2011. On March 13 this year, due to an […]

The first Golden Eagle Chick to Hatch in 120 years in the Czech Republic

Today Monday 20 May, 2013, I wish to officially announce that a pair of Golden Eagles reintroduced into the Czech Republic have successfully hatched at least one chick, possibly two, for the first time in 120 years in our country.

As everyone can imagine, those involved in this prestigious project are delighted with the outcome […]

Image of the Month-Pair of feeding Golden Eagles

Raptor Politics always welcomes images of raptors, especially when photographed under extreme and unusual conditions. Today we are very fortunate to have been sent one of the finest images taken of a pair of Golden Eagles feeding together in the Beskydy mountains (Czech Republic) on the carcass of a dead fox. The superb image was […]

Raptors: Their poisoning continues across Europe.

Recently Raptor Politics reported the successful prosecution of a Lincolnshire gamekeeper, 71-year-old Robert William Hebblewhite, of Appleby,Scunthorpe. Hebblewhite was fined a total £1950 after he was convicted of killing two buzzards and possessing Carbofuran, a banned poison. After the trial the RSPB commented by saying the quantity of Carbofuran found at Hebblewhite’s home would have […]

Could the Golden Eagle make a return to the English Lake District?

For the 11th season in a row the pair of osprey have returned from their winter quarters in Africa to breed in northern Cumbria, attracting tens of thousands of people to come and watch them in the spring and summer, bringing an estimated £2m into the local economy each year.


The Return of the Golden Eagle in the Czech Republic – project

[singlepic id=350 w=210 h=158 float=left]This project is being carried out by a non-governmental organization in cooperation with state authorities for protection of nature in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Participants in the project also include Ostrava ZOO and other institutions and specialists.