Emptying The Skies: The illegal slaughter of songbirds in Cyprus.

Only one road runs through the Cypriot village of Xylophagou, and the traffic rarely stops. There is a florist selling dusty ferns in pots, a hardware shop protected by a gaggle of surly-looking youths on mopeds, and a deserted fast-food outlet. The main parade ends at a cafe overlooking a roundabout that leads the […]

How lax legislation is killing off the wildlife in Europe

The Greek-Cypriot south of the new EU member state Cyprus has become a death trap for the birds which migrate across the Eastern Mediterranean. Countless trappers set up their nets, and above all lime sticks, in almond and olive groves, in gardens and in the macchia in order to trap migrant song birds […]

UK Military bases in Cyprus-being used to illegally trap migrating birds .


  This footage, captured by BirdLife Cyprus in Dhekelia, reveals a labyrinth of nets and the speakers playing recordings of birdsong, which the trappers use to attract birds.