Fighting illegal poisoning in Europe with LIFE

Anti-poisoning dog unit established on Portuguese side of the Douro canyon through LIFE Rupis Illegal poisoning is the single biggest threat to vultures not only in Europe but across the globe. Many of the conservation projects we are partners on are funded by the European Union’s LIFE programme […]

Africa vulture declines linked with elephant poaching for Ivory: new paper

A new paper published this month in the conservation journal Oryx raises the alarm about the link between the increasing use of poisons in elephant poaching and the devastating effects on Africa’s endangered vultures.

Photo E. Sayer


Another 22 elephants poisoned with cyanide in Zimbabwe reserve

Zimbabwean rangers have found the bodies of 22 more elephants that were poisoned with cyanide in the country’s Hwange national park. The grim discovery brings to 62 the number of elephants poisoned by poachers in this southern Africa country in October.