The Hen Harrier issue through the eyes of Natural England.

Rob Cooke (Natural England Director) wrote the attached leaked email 6 February 2017:

Hen Harriers

Hen harriers (HHs) are having a rough time in England. Although juvenile birds have a high natural mortality there is plenty to suggest that illegal persecution is ongoing, either through shooting or disturbance. The level of persecution is such […]

2014 – Andrew ‘sells’ Natural England!!

Days away from the New Year and already things are looking bad for raptors across the UK. Andrew Sells is to be the new boss of Natural England.


The Illegal Tricks some Gamekeepers get up to.

We were reminded in 2011 by Mr Richard Benyon how he appreciated the work carried out by gamekeepers to protect the biodiversity of our countryside. This tribute was also supported by the former Chief Executive of Natural England, Dr. Helen Philips, just before she jumped ship moving to Yorkshire water.


RSPB responds to Ban the Burn’s complaint to Europe over Walshaw Moor

RSPB media release 4 January 2012

On Thursday 10 January Hebden Bridge campaign group Ban the Burn is submitting a complaint to the European Commission over actions by Natural England, the statutory body responsible for safeguarding the nation’s countryside. The group’s complaint relates to Natural England’s decision in March 2012 to drop its prosecution […]

Natural England has become a gopher of the landed classes according to George Monbiot of the Guardian.

Stand up for England’s wildlife instead of capitulating to the lords of the land and their business interests says George Monbiot in the Guardian newspaper. Under Cameron, Natural England has been reduced from a semi-independent voice, sporadically defending wildlife and habitats, to a gopher for the landed classes. The Hampton Principle appears to have been […]

Hen Harrier Plight – too little, much too late. Why has it taken this long for bird protection bodies to speak out and demand Government action?

Surprise, what do we have?! Not a solution but more talks and discussion by which time hen harriers upon England’s uplands could already be extinct. The term, disgusting, does not even begin to quantify this appalling and unacceptable situation.


Mark Avery questions the reasons for Natural England’s change of heart or mind Walshaw Moor.

Check out Mark Avery’s blog April 2, 2012 Regarding Natural England’s withdraw from their legal case against the management of Walshaw Moor estate.

Read Mark’s letters sent to Dave Webster Interim Chief Executive of Natural England. A second letter asking for answers Mark sent to Richard Benyon MP., Parliamentary Under Secretary of State. Other […]

To burn or not to burn that is the question!

Following an article in the Daily telegraph on 9th February a Red Grouse shooting estate in Yorkshire was asked by Natural England not to burn its heather on blanket bog due to the damage it could cause to the peat itself. The shoot had recently increased the number of Red Grouse shot from 100 to […]

New future for Hen Harriers in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire Water Plc own approximately 32,000 hectares of land (80,000 acres) making this water utility company one of the region’s largest landowners. Their estate covers the whole of Yorkshire but is predominantly located on the eastern flanks of the Pennines and in Nidderdale.


The North West Raptor Protection Group supports an e-petition in an attempt to provide improved protection for England’s Raptors.

An e-petition submitted to Defra by Chrissie Harper has today been accepted by the Government and added to the e-Petitions website.

If we can get 100,000 signatures “Vicarious Liability” will be debated in the House of Commons.

Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England, To vote for this important land mark […]