Man faces 1,5 years in prison and a $115,000 fine for killing a California Condor last year

Matthew Gumz is now facing criminal charges after he allegedly killed a rare California condor – one of the rarest bird species in the world. If found guilty, Gumz faces 1,5 years in prison and a $115,000 fine for violation of the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act violation.


California condor: Shock therapy helping to bring rare vulture back from the brink

The California Condor have developed an unfortunate habit of flying into power cables Shock therapy may be closely associated with the psychiatric treatment of humans but a version of the technique is being used to help bring the California condor back from intensive care. North America’s population of its biggest raptor […]

The future looks good for the recovery of the Californian Condor

Californian Wildlife officials say a voluntary program to reduce the use of lead hunting ammunition is paying off

There may be some good news in the long-running effort to recover Californian condor populations from the edge of extinction. Federal biologists say the number of condors treated for lead poisoning […]

Utah’s First Condor Chick, the First in the State Since Reintroduction

A cooperative venture between US wildlife conservation and public land management agencies excitedly and optimistically reports that a California condor has apparently hatched in the wild in the state of Utah for the first time since an experimental population was released in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona in 1996. Biologists are waiting to […]

Californian Condor appears to be out of danger: Watch this inspiring video.


Lead bullet fragments poison endangered US Condors

Conservationists in the United States say that fragments of lead ammunition continue to take a desperate toll on the Condor, one of the country’s rarest birds. Since December 2012, seven wild California condors from a population of just 80 have died in the Grand Canyon area. Experts are saying three of the deaths have been […]

Green Groups in America Sue To Stop California Wind Project That Threatens Condor

Three American national environmental groups this week have sued the U.S. Bureau of Land Management over its [singlepic id=311 w=435 h=580 float= right] approval of a planned NextEra Energy Resources wind farm in the Tehachapi region of California that state and federal wildlife officials had warned threatens the security of the critically endangered California condor.


Wind Farms Will Wipeout the California Condor

Earlier this week Raptor Politics published an article detailing the concerns by Scientists in America’s mid west that lead shot is likely to undermine efforts to retain a wild and healthy population of Californian Condors into the future. When we take the latest information regarding the consequences of wind farms on the small population of […]

Over Two Thirds of Fatalities of Endangered California Condors Caused by Lead Poisoning

[singlepic id=311 w=435 h=580 float=left]A new study authored by San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research scientists has found that 67 percent of adult condor deaths are attributable to lead poisoning! The massive effort to save the California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) was initiated in 1982 when the remaining 22 wild birds were captured in a […]