Heather burning into the breeding season licensed by Natural England, damaging protected wildlife.

Many of you will remember that this spring we had such dry weather resulting in a serious lack of rain from March through to April. Well it looks like many bird species, including ground nesting raptors, took advantage of these dry conditions and started nesting early. Birds species that had nests at this time […]

Report criticises heather burning on Red Grouse moorland

THE practice of scouring moorland by burning off heather has left many conservation areas in Scotland in a poor condition, a charity has said. A new study by the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science revealed the extent of moorland burning across the country’s upland areas. Burning was detected in 55 per cent of Special Areas […]

Do some people just want to watch the world burn?

Walking on Mull’s moors in early spring was very different to what I am used to in previous years as instead of splashing and squelching my way around the landscapes I was crunching my way through the bone dry, crisp vegetation. There was no sign of the usual dramatic waterfalls powering down around the isle […]

RSPB responds to Ban the Burn’s complaint to Europe over Walshaw Moor

RSPB media release 4 January 2012

On Thursday 10 January Hebden Bridge campaign group Ban the Burn is submitting a complaint to the European Commission over actions by Natural England, the statutory body responsible for safeguarding the nation’s countryside. The group’s complaint relates to Natural England’s decision in March 2012 to drop its prosecution […]

Misuse of funding by Natural England, UK’s Nature watchdog

Local campaigners in West Yorkshire are asking the European Commission to investigate a potential misuse of European funding by Natural England, the UK’s nature watchdog. A representative of the BAN THE BURN campaign, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, will travel to Brussels on 10th January to meet officials from the Commission’s Environmental Compliance Unit.



The BRONTË SOCIETY – Press Release 15 October 2012

National and European environmental protection designations intended for the conservation of rare wild birds and their habitat – the blanket bog – include the Worth Valley watershed. In this area the Brontë Society has, in accordance with its Heritage & Conservation Policy, sought to encourage the […]

RSPB seeks European investigation after failure to protect UK wildlife site.

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RSPB Media Release

The RSPB has today submitted a formal complaint to the European Commission over the handling of an estate in the South Pennines where a protected area of blanket bog habitat is under threat.

Following six months of investigation, the charity believes Natural England has contravened European […]



Campaigners in Hebden Bridge are adding their voice to the RSPB complaint to the European Commission relating to Natural England’s failure to protect blanket bog at the Walshaw Moor Estate, in the upland catchment above Hebden Water. The RSPB Media release will be published on this web […]

Mark Avery and the Hen Harrier Disaster

Mark Avery writes in his blog today about what happens when ‘the authorities’ pursue their own agenda rather than doing the right thing. I expect many were as shocked as I was by the extent of the cover-up to hide what really happened at Hillsborough; it seems the police were happy to let blame lie […]

Blanket Bog – The mismanagement of England’s uplands paid for by the Tax Payer

Raptor Politics recently received the following comment from DJ, one of our followers. Words of wisdom speak volumes therefore it was decided to publish this valuable information as a short story rather than add it as a comment. Thank you DJ for sending this detail, we hope you will continue to contribute in the future?