The Golden Eagle in Scotland – what future awaits these iconic raptors in the 21st Century?

For thousands of years the Golden Eagle has survived against all the odds, finding safe refuge in one of Scotland’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the Western Highlands of Argyll. Here amongst the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as eight pairs of Golden Eagles have continued to raise their […]

Landowners at war over wind farm threat to Britain’s golden eagles

Raptor Politics has decided to re-publish this article first published in 2004 to highlight that most polititions are not only prepared to tell lies, many are also hypocrites. Just read what the conservatives were saying then when they were the opposition party about the encouragement Government subsidies provide for renewable energy projects and how these […]

Gamekeepers say they are the ‘true protectors of the countryside’, not the RSPB

Gamekeepers are the real stewards of the countryside, according to a new report that found land managed for shooting covers a wider area than all of Britain’s nature reserves.


Danish Wind Farm Activists – Appeal for our support.

[singlepic id=374 w=240 h=159 float=left]Appeal by Danish anti-wind farm activists to help prevent a Danish test centre for giant wind turbines going ahead. Many activists simply laid down in front of the authorities’ machines to prevent the cutting down of a huge forest which would allow the scheme to proceed. Activists are camping out […]

Wind Farm supporters in Ireland plan to shoot all hen harriers on sight.

In suport of a wind farm planning application made in Ireland, “An Bord Pleanala” in County Kerry rules wind farm development is no threat to hen harriers. Recently there have been threats from farmers to shoot all hen harriers on sight if opposition proposals result in the scheme being withdrawn. The body of a hen […]

Update- Police raid which took place on Inverness-shire Shooting estate

On 19 July we reported that the Northern Constabulary had raided a shooting estate close to Inverness looking for suspected evidence which would prove wildlife crimes had taken place on the estate, which so far has not been named.

Today we are able to tell our readers the sad news, the raid was initiated after […]

The reintrocuction of extinct species causing “mayhem” according to an article in the Telegraph

In an article published in todays Telegraph written by Jasper Copping, a report by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management claims the reintroduction into the wild of creatures like the beaver and sea eagle that had previously died out in Britain are endangering the countryside. At first glance you can be forgiven for thinking […]

Raptor Poisoning Report: Figures published for Scotland Spring 2011

Raptor Politics would like to thank Jim Roberts for sending details of a report into wildlife poisoning incidents throughout Scotland for this year The three pages of data was recently published on behalf of the Scottish Government by Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture for the period January until March 2011.

Once again details […]

Golden Eagles being killed in California’s valley of “Death” by Wind Turbines

[singlepic id=214 w=358 h=258 float=left]Scores of protected golden eagles have been dying each year after colliding with the blades of about 5,000 wind turbines along the ridgelines of the Bay Area’s Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area, raising troubling questions about the state’s push for alternative power sources.


Wind farms accused of concealing deaths of protected species

As the wind industry loses favour around the globe, watchdog groups are demanding accountability from the huge corporate interests that run them. According to reports, bird toll census numbers are being rigged by burying or otherwise concealing mutilated bird carcasses rather than reporting them. Not only is wind power proven to be ineffective in terms […]