Persecution, Prosecutions and Penalties

In the RSPB 2010 Birdcrime report there is an interesting section titles Prosecutions (page 36) that includes an analysis of the prosecutions for wildlife crimes since 2001, under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, Control of Trade in Endangered Species,(Enforcement) Regulations 1997, Customs and Management Act 1979 and the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985.


Gamekeepers hit out at RSPB for only protecting ‘iconic’ species

Gamekeepers have hit out at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for only protecting ‘photogenic’ species such as the golden eagle while neglecting other breeds. The latest statistics from the RSPB show an 18 per cent fall in the number of birds shot or poisoned.


Allt Duine Windfarm – A Critical Analysis

Wind Farm Action have pointed out a brilliant web site by (click here) Scotland-landscapes,com which defines the areas affected by the Allt Duine Wind Farm on the very borders of the Cairngorm National Park. This new proposal is regarded as an assault on the A9 corridor which started with Farr Windfarm and is now pressing […]

Two Buzzards and two Sparrowhawks found poisoned dumped in Midlothian lay-by

Scottish Police are investigating after four birds of prey were poisoned and dumped in a remote lay-by in Midlothian. Two buzzards and two sparrow hawks were found by a dog walker next to the A68, south of Pathhead, after being killed with what is thought to have been industrial grade chemicals.


RSPB says Bagmoor Wind appeal on Stacain windfarm damages renewables industry’s good name

RSPB Scotland has just issued a media statement condemning a decision by a developer to appeal a second ruling by ministers to refuse consent for a wind farm as ‘wholly irresponsible, and damaging to the industry’s green credentials. It is also a huge waste of money and a drain on precious public resources that are […]

SS propaganda once again being voiced about the White-tailed eagle in Scotland.

[singlepic id=164 w=270 h= 183 float=left] The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has raised concerns about whether sea eagles could differentiate between children and their natural prey.

The comment follows an incident where a senior Scottish clergyman was injured by a young eagle as he tried to scare it away after it attacked one of his geese. […]

Now it’s Official, England’s Raptors don’t require added Protection says the Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries.

[singlepic id=304 w=300 h=230 float=left] It seems that the DEFRA Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries, Mr Richard Benyon MP believes England’s birds of prey are adequately protected by existing wildlife legislation and therefore the minister feels there is no requirement to make landowners responsible for the action of their gamekeepers by the introduction […]

Giant turbine blades likely to claim lives of migrating geese and whooper swans into the NW of England following High Court Ruling.

There is no doubt that the giant turbines will kill some pink-footed geese, which migrate to Britain during the winter, however Mr Juctice Pelling sitting as a High Court judge in Manchester, rejected all the grounds of a recent wind farm challenge. So So much for our (and European) biodiversity laws. Even Judges ignore them.


RSPB tells Scottish estates and landowners it is time they “sorted out” the problem of birds of prey being killed.

Wildlife crime: Grouse shooting season put in the shade by illegal poisoning.

The Glorious Twelfth and the start of the red grouse shooting season is drawing closer, but, finds Nick Drainey, there is something else exercising the minds of many in the Scottish countryside – the illegal poisoning of birds of prey. In what amounts […]

Sir Mad Max of the Finacial Times joins the ranks of “raptor haters”.

[singlepic id=390 w=135 h=196 float= left]Raptor Politics has decided to add this story taken from Dr. Mark Avery’s blog as we feel the anti-bird of prey lobby appear to getting out of hand, using utter nonsense to promote their political agenda. How any one of Sir Max Hastings’ alleged intellect can be offended by […]