Terry Pickford introduces Nick Miles (Jimmy King) from Emmerdale to Hen Harriers in the Forest of Bowland.


It may have been just a coincidence, but our glorious summer has seen Hen Harriers in one part of the Forest of Bowland, and in several northern regions of Scotland, having had one of the most productive breeding seasons witnessed in many years. […]

The cold and wet weather has ruined prospects for ‘Glorious Twelfth’ in many parts of Scotland.

At least this year many more Red Grouse will be spared to live another day

Shooters on the “Glorious Twelfth” may struggle to find grouse next week – with experts saying the “dreadful” Scottish weather has ruined prospects for the shooting season. Following four bumper seasons with high numbers of […]

Raptors: Restrictions on suspected wildlife criminals proposed for Scotland

Alex Hogg: Scottish Government Measures could have ‘serious unintended consequences’

Shooting Estates where there is evidence that wildlife crime against protected birds of prey has taken place will not be issued with licences to trap or shoot wild birds in the future, the Scottish Government announced earlier this month.


Hen Harrier: SGA Press Release written by Alex Hogg & Robin Page writing in Saturday’s Telegraph.

A Little Knowledge is DANGEROUS.

In a recent Press Release the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) Mr Alex Hogg, has suggested prospects for this year’s grouse shooting season in Scotland look good ahead of the Glorious Twelfth. Its not important we feel what Mr Hogg says, rather than what he does not say […]

Snares are registered to responsible users claims gamekeepers – are they taking the Michael, or simply having a laugh?

Following the story last week of a fox that died after becoming caught in an illegal snare near Parton, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association have responded with criticism of the SSPCA who asked the public to report suspicious snares.

This is the Reality and Cruelty inflicted by Snaring


Raptor Persecution: a National Disgrace says Cameron McNeish

Writing in the conservation magazine ‘WalkHighlands’ this week, Cameron McNeish pulls few punches about the persecution of raptors taking place in Scotland. He goes into some detail regarding what Alex Hogg , Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association recently had to say about the closure of parts of Scotland prohibiting public access to give animals, […]

Prince William’s hunting hypocrisy?

Princes Charles together with William, the Duke of Cambridge, have helped to launch a campaign to halt the rise in the illegal trade in endangered wild animals in Africa. But are the two royals being hypocrites? Why for example are they both choosing to ignore the serious plight of endangered raptors like the hen […]

New Snaring Order comes into force in Scotland on 22 November 2012

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) are advising all their members to act now, and Raptor Politics feels it is important that all raptor workers also know just what this new order entails.

The Snares (Identification Numbers and Tags) (Scotland) Order 2012 was laid before the Scottish Parliament on 24th October and all SGA […]

Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association condemns raptor persecution as new report shows some improvement.

Latest figures show that only two birds of prey were found deliberately poisoned in the Scottish Borders in 2011. The report can not say however how many birds were poisoned which were never found. The full report can be read here.


Royal Mail Scotland plan to ban the posting of guns – Outcry from Gamekeepers

Scottish Gamekeepers claim “widespread concern” among supporters of sporting shooting in Scotland Plans by Royal Mail to ban the posting of guns and component parts from its services would lead to rural businesses closing, gamekeepers have claimed.