One of only two Peregrine eyries in the Forest of Bowland discovered abandoned after eggs or small chicks mysteriously disappear.

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Eggs disappear from Peregrine eyries located in a remote area of the Forest of Bowland on the United Utilities estate in early April. Foul play cannot be ruled out.

It is very disappointing to report the failure of one of only two […]

Fighting illegal poisoning in Europe with LIFE

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Anti-poisoning dog unit established on Portuguese side of the Douro canyon through LIFE Rupis Illegal poisoning is the single biggest threat to vultures not only in Europe but across the globe. Many of the conservation projects we are partners on are […]

United Utilities PLC Slammed for allowing snares to be used on Grouse Moors they Own.


26 June 2018

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Warrington, UK – Wildlife protection organisations have slammed United Utilities for allowing snares on moorland […]

A first in 40 years of captive breeding bearded vultures

The final release of the 2018 bearded vulture reintroduction season happened on Sunday 17 June in Switzerland with the release of two bearded vultures from the Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Network EEP (keep an eye out on news later this week for a full report). Running since 1978 the network which currently looks after 167 […]

What’s going on at Langholm?

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Langholm moor, bird watchers are now flocking to this area to photograph or just watch raptors

Most of the public think the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project finished last year [2017] but did it? Raptor Politics have been told that it is still going on […]

Italian police smash bird-smuggling racket involving Malta

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The group was uncovered by the Carabinieri’s anti-poaching unit.

A bird-smuggling racket between Malta and parts of Italy has been dismantled by the Italian police and the EU’s law enforcement arm. Thousands of rare and protected birds were being […]