Prosecution of Forest of Bowland gamekeeper.

On Wednesday 14 March a third hearing of this case took place under the direction of a Judge at Preston Magistrates court. Wednesdays hearing was convened to debate the admissibility or otherwise of evidence in respect to this important prosecution. Just to remind everyone the gamekeeper had been charged with 9 offences under the Countryside and Wildlife act 1981, which included the alleged killing of two Peregrine Falcons at the nesting territory depicted below.


Bowland peregrine territory photographed in 2008 containing abandoned eggs, where in April 2016 two adult falcons were allegedly killed.

Following a ruling made by the presiding Judge at the previous court hearing in January, all further court proceeding would be held with reporting restrictions at the request of the defending QC. As a consequence therefore we are legally prevented from making any comment relating to Wednesdays court proceedings at this time, until a final verdict on the guilt or innocence of the defendant has been delivered by the Judge.

We can say however it was very disappointing when the RSPB, for reasons unknown, failed to have a representative at court on Wednesday to provide evidence in support of this ongoing prosecution.

The next scheduled date for the fourth court hearing in respect to this important case will take place at 2pm on Monday 26th March at Preston Magistrates court.


2 comments to Prosecution of Forest of Bowland gamekeeper.

  • Albert Ross

    This stinks of a fix!
    What can possibly be a justified reason for reporting restrictions?
    RSPB true to form! Useless!

  • Bruce King

    How did the hearing go on the 26th March?????

    Editors Comment: The case against the Bowland gamekeeper was discontinued at the request of the prosecution yesterday after taking further advice from the RSPB we are advised.