BBC One Inside Out: Catch Up: Disappearances of Peregrines from Derbyshire White-Peak.

Peregrine Hatching

This ground nest  was subjected to a robbery when the two larger female chicks were removed from the nest at 3 weeks old.

Now available for a limited period watch this broadcast on BBC One Catch Up

The Inside Out programme broadcast last night can be accessed on Catch Up by following the link we have provided

Last night (12/03/22018) BBC East Midlands feature on the  ‘Inside Out’ programme  an ongoing  investigation into the disappearance of peregrine falcons from established nests located in Derbyshire’s  White Peak. Seemingly these robberies have been taking place over several years at specific nesting sites in the White Peak, but to date no one has been brought to justice.

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To begin watching the peregrine broadcast scroll across to the right hand side of the screen to 21 minutes.

2 comments to BBC One Inside Out: Catch Up: Disappearances of Peregrines from Derbyshire White-Peak.

  • Wayne Margereson

    I think the program was good it does annoy me that they set there interest is still exaggerated prices and that they point the finger at falconry

    The media has a lot to answer for posting these prices that are stupid and giveing people reason to take chicks thinking they will make fast cash

    I would like to know where the wild life police got there figure from

    There many factors against the peregrine natural preditation has to be one of them

    But it’s a strange thing that they are trying to catch the people yet put up signs to say there is cameras it’s defeating the object

    Oh well that’s the so called experts for you

    Falconry has repopulated Goshawk’s over the years and many wild peregrines have come from lost falcons and that has helped the numbers as well as livening in towns and cities and feeding on feral pigeon they will always have a higher success rate then there wild counterparts

    Atb Wayne

  • The media has always inflated the prices of birds,it used to be the same with egg collecting, it just encourages illegal acts.
    I would rather sacrifice another clutch or two this season,this may reveal who is responsible for the thefts, then the route the eggs/chicks take may become apparent,along with how money is actually being made. Instead, people are being warned off.
    Assuming these birds are going to Arab buyers,as I understand it,with few exceptions, they only want females.
    What happens to all the male chicks?.
    This is not as straightforward as some imagine.