Justice for Hen Harriers!


We need your support to challenge the English government to do more, and do the right things, for a persecuted bird, the Hen Harrier.

Hen Harriers are wonderful birds which are in danger of disappearing from England. The reason is simple: illegal persecution on grouse moors (because they eat Red Grouse that people want to shoot for fun). Cracking down on this wildlife crime is the key to giving the Hen Harrier a better future in our country, but the Westminster government is doing far too little about that.

Last week Mark Avery launched a Crowdfunding campaign aimed at initiating a Judicial Review of Natural England’s decision to issue a licence enabling brood management to go ahead in England.

At 11 am 27 February we asked our Facebook and Twitter supporters across the world to consider pledging their support for Justice for Hen Harriers. The campaign needs 25K and we have less than 27 days to accomplish this. Yesterdays donations stood at 12K, 24 hours later at 11.00, 28  February, donations pledges had reached over 15k, an increase of over 3k in just twenty four hours, a truly remarkable response from people who really care about the plight of an iconic moorland raptor.


A truly rare sight of hen harrier chicks alive in their moorland nest. Last year there were only 3 successful hen harrier nests recorded in the whole of England.

Today we are making a second appeal asking for support from those Facebook and Twitter  Raptor Politics followers who may have missed our earlier appeal.  Please consider funding this important campaign by making a pledge to donate today, no matter how small, to reach the 25k target needed to fund a Judicial Review. The Justice for Hen Harriers campaign link is attached below and is open to donations from our followers across the world, not just here in the UK.


Unable to speak in their own defence, we thank you on behalf of the Hen Harrier for any help you are able to provide.





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  • John Martin

    Maybe the answer is to start captive breeding of Hen Harriers for release on to the uplands.