Two important new strategies to protect Bowland’s Raptors in 2018



During the Christmas holidays members of the North West Raptor Protection Group have been working on a strategy to provide improved security at Forest of Bowland Peregrine nesting territories during the forthcoming 2018 season. Using funding provided by supporters of their on going GoFundMe campaign the group have now installed several state of the art cameras at specific peregrine nesting sites throughout Bowland. The cameras are being used to capture high resolution images of anyone who intentionally disturbs, interferes or damages nest content such as chicks, eggs, or adult breeding birds. The cameras have been deployed in January, out of season, specifically to avoid causing disturbance at the nest during the breeding season. Each camera will be retrieved at the end of the breeding season when they will be examined for evidence of illegal activity recorded.

Terry has highlighted an important change to the group’s hen harrier day for 2018. This year instead of hosting a static hen harrier day, the group will be organising a public occupation of a specific grouse moor in the Forest of Bowland. The event will take place on public access land, ironically on Sunday 12the August, a day when no grouse shooting is legally allowed to take place.

Further details of this important event will be published at a later date. Bearing in mind the hen harrier is now on the verge of extinction in England resulting from a sustained campaign of persecution on red grouse moorland, please can everyone share this video to all your friends and contacts to make a difference.

This is just a reminder that the criminal case involving the prosecution of a Forest of Bowland gamekeeper, the first of its kind in living memory, takes place from 09.30 at Preston Magistrates Court on Wednesday 10th January. The day has been set aside to hear a defence challenge to the admissibility of video evidence captured at the nest by a camera installed by the RSPB. This crucial evidence is likely to be vital to the successful prosecution of this case.

1 comment to Two important new strategies to protect Bowland’s Raptors in 2018

  • A great initiative from the NWRPG.
    Hopefully,anything relevant,will be made public soon after the cameras have been retrieved.

    Having them in place so early in the year, presents an opportunity to document items of interest prior to, and during, the breeding season.

    The moorland managers of Bowland, who are working within the law, may be vindicated if it is proved that natural factors (as some believe), and not illegal acts, are preventing protected birds from reclaiming abandoned territories.

    The group deserves support from all sides.