Has another historic snowy owl invasion already begun in the northeast and upper midwest of the United States?


Pennsylvania and other northern states of America could be in the path of another big influx of snowy owls from the tundra of the Arctic again this winter.

Indications are building that many of the large owls, referred to by the code SNOW by licensed bird-banders, according to Project SNOWstorm, a snowy owl-tracking […]

One less griffon vulture in Cyprus – only 20 left on the island

Griffon Vulture found dead this week on Zapalo beach in Episkopi, Limassol. The bird had originally been brought to Cyprus in 2012, within the restocking project.

Griffon vultures were on the verge of extinction in Cyprus in 2011 – only 6-8 birds survived […]

Tragic end for a Balkan Egyptian vulture – killed in Niger for bushmeat

The LIFE Return of the Neophron project has tagged a number of adult and young Egyptian vultures from the Balkans, to track their migration and identify threats along the flyway. […]

RSPB Scotland welcomes official SNP policy support for licensing shooting estates

RSPB press release:

RSPB Scotland welcomes official SNP policy support for licensing shooting estates

Motion approved at National Council

A landmark decision by Scottish National Party (SNP) delegates to adopt officially a policy supporting licensing of driven grouse shooting estates has been welcomed by RSPB Scotland.


1st egg of the 2017-2018 breeding season in the Bearded vulture captive breeding network

The first egg of the season in the bearded vulture captive breeding network (EEP) was laid last weekend by a female in the Richard Faust specialized captive breeding network in Haringsee, Austria, run jointly by the VCF and the Austrian NGO EGS. […]

First release of critically endangered captive-bred vultures in Nepal

Releasing captive-bred endangered vultures for reintroduction and restocking is now a common conservation tool in Europe – the VCF has been coordinating several successful bearded vulture reintroduction projects based on releases of captive-bred birds from our captive-breeding network. We have also been supporting black vulture reintroduction projects in France, in which […]