Scottish Gamekeepers Association are now blaming wind turbines for the deaths of birds of prey.


The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said that its members had too often been blamed for the disappearance of golden eagles, and other rare raptors in Scotland, claiming turbines had been responsible for a number of the deaths. 

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has now claimed wind farms are responsible for the deaths of birds of prey and called for the environmental impact of turbines to be monitored. A spokesperson for the SGA said some members  “ had witnessed raptor mortality at wind farm sites”.

According to research carried out by the RSPB, 86 per cent of those convicted for offences related to raptor persecution in Scotland between 1994 and 2014 were gamekeepers, and 81 per cent of all poison abuse incidents reported in the country between 2005 and 2014 took place on land managed for red grouse and pheasant shooting.

Earlier this year gamekeepers who work on grouse moors were implicated in bird deaths when a report concluded up to 41 of the 131 satellite-tagged eagles in Scotland may have disappeared over 12 years.

No one is denying that birds of prey are being killed, and will continue to be killed by wind turbines in Scotland. However the science clearly demonstrates that the bulk of birds of prey which have disappeared mysteriously on shooting estates, including satellite tagged Hen Harrier and Golden Eagles, are being illegally killed on moorland in Scotland used to shoot Red Grouse.

If as the Scottish Gamekeepers are now claiming a number of their members have personally witnessed birds being killed by wind turbines, why has the SGA , as far as we are aware, so far failed to publish any details supported by photographic evidence of these deaths gathered by their members?

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  • Trapit

    It is quite possible, I will say no more than that, for some landowners to seek the removal of Eagles from their property, to enable the sighting of a wind farm, and the benefits of the payments received.