DEFRA & Scottish Government policy teams investigating changes to trap legislation.

Fen TrapYou will most likely not aware that there are changes on the horizon for the use of Fenn traps in the UK because they  are no longer considered humane for use on some fur-bearing species. The details in brief can be viewed on the attached Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust website.

The user of these traps have until July 2018 for all stoat traps to be compliant with AIHTS. After this date Fenn-type traps may still be used to take rats and other approved species; but it will not be a defence to claim the trap was set to catch a rat/weasel/squirrel. Undoubtedly this will result in interesting scenarios, because how would a trap differentiate between a legally trapped target or a illegally trapped target? Lets look at it another way, poisons used to kill protected raptors was banned many years ago, but are still being used with great efficiency to kill raptors today. How we might ask, once a compliant trap is certified for use to trap a specific animal, who will be on hand to make sure traps are being used legally?

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