Support the North West Raptor Protection Group’s-GoFundMe-campaign to return Peregrines to Bowland.

UPDATE: Items purchased with the help of our GoFundMe campaign

First may I thank everyone of you who have kindly donated towards our GoFundMe campaign, ‘Help save the Bowland Peregrines’.

I must apologise for not providing details of items purchased with your support and financial backing until today. The reason for that is because we waited until we were able to purchase the first two items on our list after negotiating a discounted price for each item purchased so far. We intend to keep to this strategy for other items on our shopping wish list .

Below we have listed the retail price for each of the two items purchased to date, with their discounted cost to our group.

One Carrera Vulcan E bicycle, Retail £1052, discounted price £862. Halfords


One GoPro Hero 5 Session 4k miniature camera, with head harness. Retail £289 plus head harness £20. Discounted price total £165. (Private purchase E-Bay)


One of our supporters has recently donated the Infra Red Night Vision Monocular shown below. As I write this the unit is in the post.. We are extremely grateful for this generous free donation. Thank you Phil, this item will be particularly useful when our group members are walking across moorland at night.


Forest of Bowland Raptor Update.

The male Pallid Harrier that visited the Whitendale Valley  earlier this spring subsequently vanished from Bowland during a period of bad weather, not entirely a surprise. We are confident in saying, that as the bird was not seen anywhere in the country or in Bowland since disappearing, its safe to assume it never left the Forest of Bowland alive. How very sad if this is true, but we will now never know for sure.

Peregrine Falcons


We are pleased to announce some good news for once. This season two Peregrine territories were successful in Bowland fledged 1 and 3 chicks respectfully. Both nests were located on moorland owned by United Utilities who have a statutory obligation to protect fauna and flora throughout their upland water catchments, this includes the protection of all raptors found on moorland the company owns.

Eagle Owls

Eagle Owls Stoney Clough

For the second season a pair of Eagle Owls fledged chicks from a well protected nest on the United Utilities estate. We do not have the details of how many owlets fledged.

It is most disappointing to report here today there were no Hen Harrier nests recorded on any moorland estates in England where Red Grouse are shot. This is the second consecutive year that not a single successful nesting attempt has been recorded on any English Red Grouse moor. This in itself tells its own sad story doesn’t it?

The good news however at least 4 nests were successful fledging young away from Red Grouse moorland in northern England this year.

Langholm Moor. Scottish Borders


More good news from the Scottish Border region where Hen Harriers on the Langholm moors have this year attained seven breeding females producing 28 fledged chicks – plus?

One additional nest predated by a fox, female has relayed a second clutch.

Our GoFundMe campaign is still open and receiving donations, can you help please?

Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Group

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