Revised Video: Driven Grouse Shooting (Hen Harriers & Peregrines) . A new video made by Tom Wood

This film released for a second time after minor editing today (12/7/2017), sets out the case for banning driven grouse shooting both on the grounds of its dependence on the illegal killing of birds of prey and for its wider impacts. Interviews with Natalie Bennett, Dr Mark Avery and Terry Pickford, a founder member of the North West Raptor Protection Group, who has worked to conserve raptors inside the Forest of Bowland since 1974.



“On Friday 7 July we posted a version of this film on Youtube.  It included a 20 seconds clip from a film made by the Fieldsports Channel.  This seemed to be entirely reasonable under the principle of fair dealing, which allows you to use short pieces of other people’s work for the purpose of commenting on that work.  By juxtaposing the industry’s self congratulatory celebration of this “expensive” and “exclusive” (their words) pastime, with Mark Avery’s comments about how the wider public subsidise the activity we were reinforcing the point Mark expressly makes that “There’s quite a big issue of fairness here.”  However Youtube took down the film and we have therefore uploaded another version without the Fieldsports Channel material.

What we have done however, is put a link to the film I borrowed from immediately below this film and you can achieve more or less the effect I intended by watching the first 20 seconds at the point indicated in the new version of this film.  In fact the whole of “Driven Grouse, All You Need to Know” is worth a watch.”

To view the clip removed which the owners objected to Tom Wood including, click on the link below and watch until “It’s expensive, it’s exclusive…”…



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  • Harry Flint

    This is a disaster. What on earth is Natalie Bennett talking about when she mentions grouse rearing. It’s nothing of the sort. I was hoping she would add some gravitas to the day, but after this I am not sure, in fact I think it would be better if she stays away. She has lost what little credibility she had by saying stuff like this. By the way, why has the video gone missing?
    I will be bringing my donation to your equipment on the day….best of luck