UK hen harrier population suffers decline, according to latest figures

RSPB Press Release.


Hen harriers are one of the most threatened bird of prey in the UK

• Latest hen harrier survey reveals UK population in 2016 of 545 territorial pairs, a drop of 88 pairs since the last national survey in 2010.

• Scotland remains the stronghold for the UK hen harrier population, with 460 pairs.

• In England the hen harrier remains on the brink of extinction as a breeding species with just four territorial pairs in 2016. Northern Ireland and Wales also both report a decline in numbers in the past six years.

• Longer term figures show dramatic decline of 204 pairs (27%) in the last twelve years.

The hen harrier population has suffered a decline of 88 pairs (13%) over the past six years with a total UK population estimated to be 545 pairs, according to the latest figures from the fifth national hen harrier survey.

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